School Policies

Mission Statement

At Tornedale we work together as a team to provide a welcoming, stimulating, caring environment. We value each individual and the contribution they make to the school community. We believe in mutual respect and support for each other, and have high expectations of work and behaviour.
With the support of parents and the local community, we are committed to the development of happy, independent, enquiring children, who are morally and socially responsible, well prepared to move on to their continuing education, and potentially able to make the most of their lives in the outside world.  Our broad aims are: 

    to make learning an enjoyable experience, ensuring that all children have equal opportunity to reach their full potential by developing and using their understanding, knowledge, imagination and practical abilities within a broad, balanced relevant curriculum
• to make each child develop confidence, independence and a pride in themselves and their school, by using methods of teaching and learning which meet individual needs, provide stimulation and challenge, allow for initiative, maximise achievement and emphasise success
 • to foster a caring community, where each child and member of staff is valued and feels a sense of belonging; a community which encourages self discipline, co-operation, tolerance, mutual respect and a sense of responsibility
 • to promote a positive, active partnership with parents and the local community
 • to have high expectations and strive for quality and excellence in all aspects of school life in order to prepare children for life in the wider world