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PE and Sport Premium

£8,488 has been awarded to our school for financial year 2016/17.

Mini Kicks has worked successfully in school in the past, so we have continued with this provision.  Every child in school participates in a session with a Mini Kicks coach every week and there are two after school clubs for children to attend free of charge.  There is a scheme of work in place for teachers to access to enhance their PE teaching skills through assessments so teachers can track progress in PE and inform end of year reports.
Next Plans
  • Training for lunch time supervisors for big play activities.
  • Continuation of school time coaching sessions from Mini Kicks
  • Continuation of after school mini kicks clubs.
  • Provide a nurture group to support emotional health and well-being.
 The coaches Mini Kicks provide are all on a par or higher qualified than the recommendations given.

We are extremely pleased with the impact of this resource so far.
  • Teacher/staff expertise has definitely improved in terms of expectations for the youngest children, also management techniques for active lessons.
  • Staff have used the opportunity to observe  children and have noticed that their skills are much improved on previous years.
  • Staff have noticed the improvement in listening skills from the youngest children.
Spending 2016/17

Mini Kicks Provision£9,900
Midday CPD - Powerfully Positive Lunchtimes and Breaktimes and Calm Dining Halls£115