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Reward System

Tornedale have introduced a new reward system in school called Class Dojo. This replaces our stamp charts. It is a computer based system where the children have their names on a secure webpage on our smartboard. They are allocated an alien icon along with their name so they can recognise their points’ profile.


The children receive dojo points awarded by staff for displaying our learning behaviours which are our aliens which you know from Friday’s achievement service. They are:

  • Tim and Tom the teamwork twins

  • Polly Perseverant

  • Larry Listener

  • Izzy Independent

  • Connie Communicator

When children display these behaviours they will receive one dojo point for the behaviour shown.  Staff are also rewarding dojo points for reaching blast off on our classroom behaviour charts.  Children who have been at school for a full month with no late marks or absences will also be rewarded with a dojo point.  When the children have received 30 dojo points in total, they will receive a certificate and choose a prize. The prizes and certificates are the same as when we had our stamp charts. The children can come to school the following day in their own clothes (no fancy dress please).


The dojo points are re-set once the children have received 30 to have another go. The children have been extremely enthusiastic about class dojo and have been working hard to earn their dojo points.


We hope you encourage and support the children in our new reward system. If you have any questions regarding class dojo, please feel free to come and ask your child’s class teacher or myself.