Welcome to Tornedale Infant School

Working Together - Aiming High

Tornedale Infant School
Gattison Lane
DN11 0NQ

Telephone: 01302 868387

For General Assistance please contact the Tornedale School Office on the above telephone number or ask to speak with the School Business Manager, Mrs J Purcell.

Tornedale is a community school maintained by the Local Authority (Doncaster MBC).  At Tornedale, we work together as a team to provide a welcoming, stimulating, caring environment.  We value each individual and the contribution they make to the school community.  We believe in mutual respect and support for each other, and have high expectations of work and behaviour.  We encourage the healthy development of social and emotional skills and a positive attitude to work. 

With the support of parents and the local community, we are committed to the development of happy, independent, enquiring children, who are morally and socially responsible, well prepared to move on to their continuing education, and potentially able to make the most of their lives in the outside world.

2017/18 Attendance Breakdown
Autumn 2017        93.2%
Spring 2018          94.1%
Summer 2018       93.6%
Academic Year     93.6%

2016/17 Attendance Breakdown
Autumn 2016        94.6%
Spring 2017          95.5%
Summer 2017       92.6%
Academic Year     94.3%

Paper Copies

If you require a paper copy of any document contained on this website, please contact the School Office on 01302 868287.

Upcoming Events

Every FridayStay and Read - 8.30 -8.45 am - Fun and exciting books for you to read and enjoy with your child, before school starts at 8.45 am.  Every Friday morning commencing Friday 14 September 2018.
Monday 10 SeptemberNursery children to start Tornedale on a staggered programme as advised
Monday 17 SeptemberTornedale School Choir starts again - 3.00 pm - 3.45 pm
Tuesday 18 SeptemberYear 1 Mini Kicks after school club - 3.00 pm to 4.00 pm 
Thursday 20 SeptemberYear 2 Tag Rugby after school club -3.00 pm to 4.00 pm 
Friday 21 SeptemberYear 1 Board Games after school club - 3.00 pm to 4.00 pm

Reception Curriculum Meeting to parents at 2.30 pm
 Dodgeball After School Club - 3.00 pm to 4.00 pm 

Attendance Update

September 2017         94.4% down 0.9% on last year
October 2017              92.9% down 1.9% on last year
November 2017          93.7% down 0.8% on last year
December 2017          91.7% down 3.6% on last year
January 2018              94.1% down 2% on last year
February 2018            94.0% up 0.3% on last year
March 2018                93.5% down 2.5% on last year
April 2018                   95.7% down 0.5% on last year
May 2018                   93.6% up 1.8% on last year
June 2018                  93.0% up 1.1% on last year
July 2018                   91.4% down1.6% on last year

2017/18                      93.6%
2016/17                      94.3%
2015/16                      94.3%
2014/15                      95.1%

Please remember if you attend school at least 97% of the time during the Summer Term and are never late you will be put in the prize draw for a £40 Asda Voucher.