Welcome. This part of my site looks better with lots of text, so lots of text is what you get. Here is some text. Here is some more text. Yep. You guessed it, more text. And still more text." Will he add more text?" you ask yourself. The answer is yes. Yes, I will add more text. How much more text will I add? You are probably looking down at this small block of text to get an idea. However, if you read further you will realize that it was less text than initially anticipated. Or maybe not. Anyway, you just wasted a small part of your life. Sorry, but you can never get it back. Oh well. The good news is...I just saved a bunch of money by switching to Geico car insurance. Not really, though. I can't drive. Why someone buy insurance for a car if they can't even drive. They wouldn't. Would they? Nope. There.

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