SOE Block Party

July 22, 2006 

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These are just my own snapshots for your perusal.

(Pics are clickable if you want to see bigger versions)

It was a blazing hot day in sunny San Diego, but THE SONY provided cold drinks and hot food for all, (for Free!!!).  Most of the people attending the block party appeared to be refugees from the enormous lines at Comicon.  Sony bussed people from/to the convention center all afternoon long.

Most of the event was held in the parking lot.

Food was grilling....

and games were playing...

We were graced with the presence of the her highness Antonia Bayle and Firiona Vie.  Wow!  Say what you want, but THE SONY knows how to pick em!

 Taking more than your share of food was strongly discouraged!

Yes, security was tight...

The lovely ladies received diligent protection...

Of course, staying hydrated on such a hot day requires many trips to the little stormtroopers room...

Many people were hopping onto EQ2 to let their guild-mates know that they were at the SOE Block Party.

Oh, and did I mention that the Babes of Everquest (I and II) were looking HOT!

THE SONY graciously provided tours inside of their facilities.  The network operations center (NOC) appeared quite impressive, unfortunately we were not allowed to photograph it.  Multiple digital projectors were used to project real-time status charts on a wall about 20 feet long.  They appeared to be monitoring server usage and network traffic for SOE around the world.  The artistic areas, however, were deemed unclassified so I was able to take some snaps.

The lights were off and the air-conditioning was on.... it felt good to get out of the heat.

Apparantly converting your cubicle to a cabana is allowed...

Some ORIGNAL Everquest artwork was hung on the wall.

And I took snaps of whatever posters I could.

Where the majik happens...

So I said goodbye to the fair ladies of Norrath!

Gratz to THE SONY for a fun afternoon!