Rosona Eldred

I am a mathematician; an algebraic topologist, a homotopy theorist and my main area is the interaction of cosimplicial objects and functor calculus. 

I am at the MPIM Bonn as a Guest Researcher.

Previously, I visited the Hausdorff Institute for Mathematics in Bonn, as part of the Junior Trimester Program in Topology. My group included myself, Gijs Heuts, Akhil Mathew and Lennart Meier; our topic is Interactions between Goodwillie calculus, chromatic methods, and unstable homotopy theory. Here you can find some information about what we'd organized at the HIM.

My CV.  A list of publications and preprints can be found here.  

My institutional email address is (last name) at
A permanent email address is (first name).(lastname) at gmail. 

J'apprends le français depuis un an, alors, vous pouvez m'écrire en français. 
Ich habe Deutsch seit 5 Jahren gesprochen und würde gerne auf Deutsch kommunizieren.