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As an Architectural Consultancy Practice in the form of Sole Proprietorship, Rosli Ali Architect commenced office 7 January 2002. It is by virtue that the Principal is registered as Professional Architect under Section 10(2) of the Architects Act 1967 (an Act 117 of the Laws of Malaysia that provides for the registration of Architects and matters connected therewith), that this entity operates.


The Practice functions in pursuant to Section 7A of the same Act, whereby it can pursue the business of performing Architectural Consultancy Services as entailed, with the name, style or title bearing the words “Professional Architect”. This construed to imply that by taking up such employment, it entitles the Practice to recover fees or charge remuneration or other form of consideration for services rendered under the Law.




Constructive ~ Systematic

The word Architect connotes being ‘Constructive’. The Principal anticipates this Practice will apply the same systematic rules when leading its team in implementing Contracts and/or other related building and development project works. It shall provide professionalism to achieve these tasks and to any other given goals toward a timely completion.


Pro - Active

The principal henceforth will be pro-active in coordinating these assignments and in its administration. Including mediating other consultants while remaining impartial.


Integral Professional Service

The mission is to provide an integral professional service. Both in the administration of specific project tasks for the said clientele and, to the public at large by being fully conversant with its multitude of considerations when creating built environments. These within the constraints of cultural heritage, vernacular resources and local surroundings.


Professional Obligation ~ Continual Professional Development

Also, by setting up this Practice, it is obliged to promote training for future Architects to learn the interdisciplinary demands of the profession. The place will be an avenue to facilitate budding architects to hone their knowledge with hands-on experience. It will create an atmosphere for continual professional development programs to further enhance these skills for the arts and science, and to the advancement of architecture in general.


Professional Architect Registration


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