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The Principal previously practised under the same name in Geelong, Vic., Australia, upon receiving his Certificate of Registration from the Architects Registration Board of Victoria (ARBV) in February 1982. The Practice remained operative until his return to Malaysia in February 1992.

The scope of work ranged from taking Contract Works with other Practising Architects in the form of Partial Services for Design Development, Contract Documentation and Site Implementation. The principal also acted as Independent Consultant for renovations and individual building design works, including Development Order Schemes for some Local Developers.


While in Australia, the Principal  participated in the “Archicentre - The Royal Australian Institute of Architects (RAIA) Advisory Service Report” programmes as community service schemes entailing such works as preparing the ‘Architects Inspection Report’, ‘Home Renovation Report’, ‘Site Optimization Study’ and ‘Housing Guarantee Report’. These programmes proved useful for Prospective Clients intending to have Building Maintenance Programmes performed on their existing structures. These included Heritage listed buildings for refurbishment, renovation, extensions or site optimization as a way to avoid doubling costs.

The scheme is designed to prepare an overall layout with properly programmed and scheduled stages of works. This allows for the Client’s control of his economic capability to be in line with the construction works over a nominated period of time. The report also indicates where immediate attention to faulty parts of the building components is required for urgent repair, making them habitable under the Local Bye-Laws, and also for long-term usage.

(Visual building inspection by the Architect is vital. If necessary, other relevant experts would be assigned to assist, in determining a more thorough investigation of the defective components if suspected).



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