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The word “Architect” normally connotes being “Constructive”, a general term with many various applications. This implies that, for someone to be constructive, he or she will have to be systematic and creative in the application of his or her knowledge complexities, inclusive that in structures. This being true, then one has to be skilful, or as a Professional Architect, be conversant in the trade.

It is not deniable that for an Architect, design is the crux or tool in Architecture and more importantly so, the skill of the profession. Business however, falls in the category of a ‘service industry’ in which he has to fulfil the undertaking to implement ascertained obligations, whereby the venture would make the economics a fundamental issue. The word ‘implement’ thus implicates performance.

The business centres on the client who relies in faith of the delivery of the professional duties. The real value would be in gaining the entrustment of both parties in ensuring viability and success. The interlocutor is the client, who is the marketing tool in securing further the success of each venture.

It is the client that controls the integrated functioning in marketing the Architect’s firm, although it must be pervasive in the entire professional outfit. The subordinates however, must permeate these contributing roles in their efforts, which are made up of personnel, production and finance.

The Architect is a team player and stands as the creative mover. Where the synergic skill acquired gives the competitive edge and prevails to sustain economical constraints. The Architect must be able to know how to coordinate personnel to attain the end product, and the financing required in marketing the strategy.

Every job is bound to have interruptions, either when producing documents to meet the client’s requirements or simply in the administrative / management and construction phase. Coordination skill is vital in inculcating the goals and ways to instigate performance, either when meeting to comply with relevant authority guidelines or meeting the deadlines of a project. But they often relate to a systematic use of all methodological procedure by all concerned.

In summary, the Architect must be conversant in his role to discharge the duties faithfully and with authorisation. He must be capable to lead a building team and able to arbitrate contractual matters. Hence, he has to be systematic in his methods.


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