Rosli a.k.a Mat Ali of MCOBA Class of 69, an old school alumni, sometime bolds his synonym "MATAli" implying the"MATA" from what his EYEs see.

rosliali a.k.a MATAli

Welcome to my world of imagery.

My name is Rosli Mohd Ali but my schoolmates from Malay College Kuala Kangsar have been calling me "Mat Ali", 
identifying that by my late father's name. There were 3 other Rosli in my batch during that time.

Somehow, sometimes, classmates would conjugate "Mat Ali" to become "MataLi" with neither to be connotative nor suggestive in meaning. "Mata" is a word for eye, and "Li" is the end syllable, 

Over the years, I accept whatever I'm referred to. I simply feel at ease just to appease those who are close to me.

This site is dedicated to those who see what I see. The memories that paint those words, and the smiles, that brightens up their eyes.

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