What I offer

… a safe and confidential arena in which to explore your issues, a well honed listening ear and empathic responses, of course. But I’ll also challenge and at times re-contextualise your thought processes if they seem to obscure or complicate your way of dealing with life!  

My approach is humanistic and integrative. The integrative means I am informed by more than one psychotherapeutic school of thought.

I’ve been a counsellor since 1986 and completed my professional training in 1990 with the Re.Vision, Centre for Integrative Psychosynthesis, London. During, and since that period I’ve completed several other trainings in the psychotherapy field. I’ve worked as a secondary school counsellor and was on the teaching staff at Re.Vision for 10 years. Over time I’ve gleaned experience from the many thousands of hours worked with the people who have come to see me, and from the very wide range of issues they’ve brought. 

I believe the therapeutic relationship is key to a positive counselling and therapy experience and outcome. And since – if you decide to come to me – you’ll be divulging things about you, I’ll say something about me and how I got here. My life was a mess and there were times when I was suicidal. However, it was with great reluctance, born of fear and trepidation that I agreed to see a psychotherapist when in my late twenties. This therapist showed me how my past had forged the person I believed I had become. She showed me how my self-beliefs limited who I was, and who I was capable of becoming. She quite literally saved my life and more, I came to realise what I wanted to do with my life; I wanted to be a psychotherapist.

The specific training in couple counselling I completed reflects my interest in gender psychology. What I mean by gender psychology is that which leads us to identify as women or men, which of course includes our sexual orientation, and our hugely differing sexual preferences. It also includes the effect our multi-media culture is having on us, and our relationships. With the advent of the internet, pornography is hard to ignore and is generating a whole new set of dilemmas and problems.  

I am also very interested in the soul’s journey, in individuals and our world. It seems imperative to me that we re-engage with the deep feminine in all of us – both men and women - if we are to realise our full potential, and learn to collaborate with each other, and nature. I believe our very existence as a species on this earth depends on our ability to forge, and maintain parity between our interior feminine and masculine. 

By now you may have picked up my belief in and my commitment to this work. Accordingly I take the responsibilities that come with my privileged position extremely seriously. My membership of professional bodies ensures I maintain a high standard, requiring of me continuing professional development and regular supervision, (confidentiality assured). Were I to transgress the code of ethics to which I am bound, these professional bodies would provide you with an independent source of redress. It’s worth noting that in order to qualify for UKCP registration, students are required to undergo intense personal psychotherapy. This does not hold true for some other accrediting bodies.