Sessions & Fees

Sessions for individuals
Sessions with individuals are usually held weekly, particularly initially. I’ve discovered that this frequency and regularity fosters the most beneficial outcome from this work. Sometimes the rest of life interferes and another arrangement has to be made. Over time it may feel appropriate to meet less often and we’ll discuss this. 

I allow up to one and a half hours for our initial meeting for which I charge the same as any subsequent sessions, £50.00. These last an hour, unless otherwise agreed. In the case of financial hardship this sum is negotiable, so please don’t hesitate to talk about it with me. If by any chance you are financially well-heeled you may consider paying more for your sessions, thus enabling me to be more generous to those clients who are financially less well-off.

If we agree during our initial meeting that I am a right therapist for you we’ll have six sessions, allowing time during the sixth session to review our work to date. We decide together whether your sessions have been sufficient for your needs, or whether continuing on to medium or long-term work might be advantageous for you. 

Couple sessions
People can feel the need for support at any time in the course of their relationship. The most common time happens to be around the three-year mark: the so-called ‘honeymoon period’ is over, and the relationship is attempting to move to another level of intimacy. For some this may feel like the end of the relationship altogether; and sometimes it is. More often however it is a period of re-assessment and re-adjustment; merely an end to the way the relationship has been. A few sessions can make this period, and indeed all the other shifts inherent in any relationship, a whole lot easier to negotiate.
Couple sessions are usually one and a half hours for which I charge £90.00. For one hour, my fee is £60.00. Fortnightly sessions are normally sufficient. But frequency and duration of sessions are topics we can decide together, and are dependent on your needs. 

Personal mentoring and consultancy 
A good option for those who have previously been in more intensive therapy and who wish to give space in their life to check-in with themselves, and how their lives are progressing. Doing this, perhaps monthly, with someone who has no vested interest in your decisions and their outcomes might prove immensely useful. Also for anyone who simply wants a well-trained listening ear and honest feedback!
Mutual commitment
The therapeutic process relies on a good working relationship. That necessitates mutual respect, and commitment on both our parts, hence the following:-

Cancellations. I charge the full fee for missed sessions but I am flexible in that I will do my utmost to reschedule to a new appointment within the following few days. If we are working in a format other than once-a-week sessions, (e.g. monthly personal mentoring) it's particularly important to replace the missed session, to avoid the gaps between meetings becoming unhelpfully long.

Holidays and breaks. I give as much notice as I can of these and will expect the same of you!

Ending our work together should have an importance proportionate to the investment we’ve both made in the work. We need to plan our ending, work towards it and conduct it as much in relationship as any other part of the work. This means that once we’ve begun working together, I won’t suddenly terminate the therapy, and I expect you not to do so either.