Dear Friend,

Welcome to our neighborhood! We invite you to find life through investing yourself in Christian ministry. Good investments always bring good returns. Our society is in need of people who have integrated their spiritual values into quality living. The challenges of our society and world require people who know God's truth and joyously share their faith with others.

Our mission is "to serve God and share His love with the community; to encourage, equip and empower disciples for Jesus Christ." We strive to live out that mission in all that you see here, and in more ways sure to come as we grow in His love and seek His will. We pray that all will claim their inheritance as a precious child of God through faith in Jesus as Savior.

If you do not currently worship in a local church, would you please consider joining us in this life-changing investment? Together in Christ we will discover fulfillment in loving, caring, learning, and serving. It's an adventure in faith you certainly will not want to miss!


We are located between Utica Rd. and Gratiot Ave. about 1 & 1/2 miles north of I-696.