Women's Self Reliance Program


The purpose of this program is to bring to women in economically depressed areas information and courses of action which, when used in conjunction with their own skills and knowledge, will help them to provide a healthier and more comfortable life for themselves and their families. Information in the areas of nutrition, intensive vegetable gardening and micro-enterprise will be offered.

The nutrition segment will provide a basic knowledge of our nutritional needs and how to meet those needs with the foods that are available to the women participating in the program, supplementing their existing menu, where necessary, with foods that will provide any nutrients that have been missing from their diet. 

The gardening method to be offered is an intensive gardening program, which has been developed under the names Square Foot Gardening, Square Meter Gardening and Global Grid Gardening. This method of growing, when combined with the use of biodynamic soil preparations and seeds, can contribute significantly to a family’s fresh food needs even in areas where there is very little arable land available.

The micro-enterprise segment will concentrate on providing information that relates to operating a very small business, in other words, the basic skills of self-employment.

It is the intention of this program to respect, honor and learn from the people with whom we share the information we have gathered. We fully expect to learn as much, if not more, than we offer. It is our hope that whatever of value that we are able to bring to the situation will be shared with others who will in turn benefit. It is also our intention to take what we learn from the participants and integrate it into our program, thereby making it a living, growing, ever-improving product.

We have much to learn from one another and it is only through mutual respect and appreciation that we will be able to co-create a better world.
Goal of Women’s Self-Reliance Program

The goal of the Women’s Self-Reliance Program is to help women in developing countries to achieve a greater degree of self-reliance so that they and their children can live in relative comfort, safety and health and help to create a society that can live in peace and harmony. 

This will be accomplished through: 

Food security.
The program will provide the participants with a means to evaluate their current eating habits and determine what steps should be taken to improve their overall level of nutrition.

Intensive Gardening
Participants will be introduced to a gardening technique that will enable them to take the fullest advantage of the land that is available to them to grow vegetables that will help them to provide a healthy and balanced diet for themselves and their families.

Self-Employment Opportunities:
Participants will explore potential income-generating activities that will help them to assist in their own financial security and that of their families.

Participation in the Peace Community
Participants will be invited to join a worldwide community of women who have made the decision to raise their childre
n in a framework of non-violence, thereby creating a generation of young men and women who will make war a thing of the past. 

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Roseann Lord,
Jun 4, 2015, 5:54 PM