H E L P I N G   N E W   B U S I N E S S E S   G R O W   A N D   S U C C E E D

Business Development

One of the most challenging areas for high tech start ups is not in the creation of a product or service, it's in selling. And by selling we mean:

  • Identifying customers
  • Building channel partners
  • Finding the right venues in which to promote and showcase your creations
  • Implementing appropriate electronic strategies such as web, and email
  • Hiring and coaching sales teams

Business Plans

We can help you with the development of your business plan because it is probably the most important document you have to write.

A well written business plan can be the difference between getting seed and early rounds of investment or not. A properly developed business plan becomes a battle plan for your business. So it's worth taking the time to do it right. 

From our experience in writing business plans over the years we can help you clearly describe:

  • Your product or service
  • The company history
  • The management team in place
  • The identified need in the market
  • The competition and how you differentiate yourself
  • The size of the market opportunity
  • Expected revenues
  • The return on investment for the company and its stakeholders
  • The exit strategy

Coaching & Mentoring

New business start ups never seem to have problems developing a product or service. It is executing on the sales, marketing, human resources, and money aspects where businesses run into trouble. That's where we come in. Whether you just need a second opinion, or someone to roll up their sleeves and get involved day-to-day, we have fee schedules that make it affordable to get critical expertise at the time when you need it most.

We have had the fortunate opportunity to get to understand franchising as a business model, having worked with zors and zees in Canada, the U.S. and around the world. If you are thinking of franchising your concept, we can help define agreements, create the filing documents for U.S. and other jurisdictions, and help you establish web and sales agent campaigns to meet your goals.

Content Creation & Copy Writing

Whether articles, speeches, presentations, brochures, blogs, newsletters, press releases, wikis or website content, we can deliver the right message aimed at the right audience. Our expertise covers a wide range of subject areas from technology, to science, to medicine, to insurance, finance, franchising, and education. 

In particular we can help you to take advantage of viral marketing through the Internet, optimize your web content to improve your search engine positioning results, and leverage your business through social networking sites to further spread the word.

Franchise Coaching & Business Development

How do you take your proven business model and turn it into a marketable franchise business? What steps do you need to take? What are government requirements that you need to know in Canada, the United States, and in the rest of the World when launching a franchise? How do you generate franchise sales? How do you support new franchisees once you have sold them on your business?

We can help you through all these steps and work with you to find and close prospective franchisees. 

Market Research & Analysis

Part of any business plan is the development of market knowledge. Let us help you to better understand your business opportunity. 

We can do SWOT, not to be confused with squat.  SWOT stands for Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats. Through this type of brainstorming session you can begin to formulate a tactical marketing plan, a roadmap for your sales and marketing efforts.

Seed & Staged Funding Searches

How do you find an angel investor?

What other sources of cash can your company access to help in the early stages?

What government programs are in place that can subsidize the cost of getting your business off the ground?

How do you do a valuation?

How much of your company should you be giving away in return for the cash you need to get the business to the next stage in its growth?

How do you pitch to an angel or VC?

How do you respond to a term sheet offer?

When should you be asking for a second round of investment?

These are questions we can help answer. We have a growing network of contacts within the angel and VC community both in and outside Canada. We are aware of programs available through provincial, state, and federal jurisdictions that you can plug into to get subsidies or tax credits and refunds.

Social Media Strategies & Execution

The rise of social networks, blogs, and microblogs represents a new way for businesses to interact with customers and prospects.

These new communication applications offer small business a very affordable way to create strategic marketing and sales initiatives.

How can your business use applications such as Twitter, Facebook, MySpace and blogs to build awareness, create interest, and grow your business?

How much time should you allow for social media campaigns?

How much do social media campaigns cost?

When as a business should you consider creating your own social network?

Is there a difference between a company social network and a public social network strategy?

Let us help you not only answer these questions but execute a strategy that yields results.