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President - Len Rosen

Len Rosen brings over 37 years of business and technical experience as a sales, marketing, technical and business development consultant. He has built Len Rosen Marketing, Inc., by working with a broad range of companies.

He gained his foundation in sales and marketing while at Prentice-Hall in the 1970s and early 1980s. Len is a proponent of Phil Kotler and has developed business and marketing plans for new start ups and companies entering into new market segments.

Len has helped many companies develop their business models, define their plans, develop their presentations to find start up capital from angels and other investors. 

Len focuses on both the strategic and practical. He understands the drivers impacting business results for today and tomorrow including such issues as time-to-market, time-to-revenue, establishing strong defined branding and messaging, applying social media to create business opportunity, and developing multi-level channels to markets.


Don Kerr - brings his 30 years of copywriting craft to the company. Don is the President of Grace Hanna Inc. He specializes in storytelling, management and business consulting, retail corporate marketing strategy, and brand creation management. Don has worked with Len on a number of assignments since 2005. 

Tom Kaufmann - is a corporate sales trainer and cold calling expert. He operates his own company T.K. Enterprises and specializes in helping Small & Medium sized businesses organize their sales staff. Tom teaches at Seneca, Centennial and Victoria College, and trains corporations such as Lenovo in sales & cold calling.

Sam Kopytowski - is a logistics and transportation specialist. He operates his own company, XCD Logistics Solutions Limited where he helps businesses find ways to improve their performance at all transportation stages, from sourcing of supply to expediting customer shipments.

Eythor Ernstson - is President of Thor's Hammer, a Huntsville, Alabama company that works with small business applying technology know how to marketing, branding, messaging and business operations. With his complimentary skills, the company can now offer its services to US markets in the Southeastern States.

Faith Exeter - is President of Enable Consultants and an expert in building web communities and private social networks. She is the inspiration behind Recess, Workingrooms, Communitirooms, Campaignrooms and Memorialrooms, all private social networks with specific market niches.