Turkish Tezhib (Gilding)

Rose began studying this art in the Department of Religious Studies at Stanford University and these paintings were completed in the Spring and Fall Quarters of the class "Islamic Manuscript Illumination: History, Theory and Practice." Each of these is a traditional design, or a contemporary study of the traditional, whose stylistic and design origins are found in Turkish Tezhib (gilding). Rose takes special commissions on these types of paintings; for more questions email roseleitner@gmail.com. 


(beginning phase of pieces above)

(detail of layered paint and lines)

later stages


piece in progress

finished piece

-Inspirations from Contemporary Turkish artists-

 design: Oya Güray - color palette: Ozgen Felek and Rose - Calligraphy "Mary & Jesus": Haji Noor Deen

(beginning phase of piece currently in progress)

 same piece farther along in the process

traditional rose