Roseheart Reiki offers courses which reflect some of the original trainings given by Mikao Usui to his students. The courses provide simple but effective energy healing techniques which can be used to enhance your own personal and spiritual development, give you further techniques in your energy healing toolbox and help give you a more expanded and conscious view of life.

Reiki First Degree (Shoden)

A Reiki First Degree course will initiate you into the system with "reiju" empowerments instead of the more common western attunements. These will permanently connect you to the Reiki energy and will open your energy pathways to the love and light of this beautiful system. You will learn meditations to strengthen your daily connection and purify your body's subtle energy. You will learn how to self-treat with Reiki and how to give a full reiki treatment to friends and family. Distant reiki treatments are also covered, along with reiki for animals and plants. 

The course includes several hours of pre workshop study, a live workshop and post course support.

Course fee: £140.00

Reiki Second Degree (Okuden)

A Reiki Second Degree course will introduce you to the reiki symbols and advanced techniques to use in your treatments. Your connection to the reiki energy will be strengthened and you will receive further reiju empowerments to initiate you at second degree level. You will also be able to practise reiki on a professional level by taking this course, with the appropriate insurance.

You will need to have completed a first degree course at least 4- 6 months prior to taking this course. If you have trained in a different system (western style or other) you may need to do a short conversion course to become familiar with the Japanese techniques.

Course Fee: £180.00

Reiki Master / Teacher Course (Shinpiden)

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