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The Reiki Precepts (Ideals)

The secret of inviting happiness through many blessings 
The spiritual medicine for all illness

                Just for Today..
                Do not anger
                Do not worry
                Be grateful
                Be honest in your work
                Be compassionate to yourself and others

                                                                                        Do gassho every morning and evening
                                                                                        Keep in your mind and recite

The five Reiki precepts are a major part of the system of Reiki. Students of Reiki are guided by these principles to help with their personal development and self healing. Considering each one in turn on a regular basis can help to deepen your practice of Reiki as they are central to the whole system. Your exploration of the precepts as part of any study of Reiki brings inner rewards which can contribute to your overall health and happiness. They have been translated in many ways, above is one of the most common translations, below is another.


The secret art of inviting happiness
The miraculous medicine of all diseases

Just for today,
Be free of anger
Be free of worry
Be grateful for your many blessings
Be honest in your dealings with others
Be kind to others

In every morning and evening, join your hand in prayer,
Pray these words to your heart and chant these words with your mouth

                                                                    "Usui Reiki Treatment for Improvement of Body and Mind"
                                                                    The Founder, Mikao Usui