Roseheart Reiki

A Reiki healing session will naturally help you to relax and can be a great stress management therapy.  Reiki helps balance your subtle energy system and releases any tensions or blockages held there. This in turn has a beneficial effect on your physical body and helps release tension and stress, creating a deeply relaxing experience.

I will ask you to fill out a short health questionnaire prior to your very first session (this can be emailed to you in advance if you prefer to print and fill it out yourself before your treatment session). I will explain to you what will happen in the Reiki session and answer any questions you might have, particularly if you have never experienced Reiki before.

The treatment takes about 40 minutes to an hour. You will be fully clothed, on a treatment couch and covered with a light blanket. I channel Reiki using a series of hand placements working both on the body and in the energy field. I will play some gentle music for you to listen to during the session if you wish. Most clients find the session time very relaxing and many fall asleep. Reiki is a nurturing, comforting energy and the ultimate aim of a general session is to help you feel more relaxed and balanced. However, if you have a specific issue that you would like to address I can tailor your session accordingly.

There are, of course, no guarantees as to the outcome of a session, Reiki will work for you on whatever level is appropriate for you at the time, this may be a physical, mental, emotional or spiritual improvement. Reiki is spiritually guided energy and will help you in the way that will benefit you most. It is also important to remember that all healing is, ultimately, self healing and your openess to receiving the energy helps you to get the most from a session. It is the client who allows the Reiki, thereby drawing it into their energy body/ physical body and the practitioner facilitates this.

After the treatment we can discuss how you feel and whether further treatments are suitable for you. It may be that you would benefit from regular weekly sessions for three or four weeks;  you might just like a monthly "top up" to help you relax or will just book a session whenever you feel you want one.  You may wish to learn Reiki yourself and a first degree course covers all the basic techniques and practices, including self treatments and treating friends and family.

*New Style Roseheart Reiki Sessions*

If after your reiki session you wish to explore further the energies surrounding you in your life, you can also include an angel/oracle card interpretation within your treatment session time. The cards offer a mechanism/tool to help indicate where you can improve your approach to things or simply shed more light on the best way forward. Either way, this can be an enjoyable look at where you are currently, so please let me know when booking if you would like to explore this option.

 Please look at the Reiki FAQ page for further information on Reiki.

How Reiki Can Help You

  • Calms your emotions, leaves you feeling more relaxed and more able to cope with any challenges.

  • Accelerates the body’s natural self healing process and helps relieve aches and pains.

  • Clears energetic blockages and helps bring about a balanced state.

  • Improves emotional well being, vitality and confidence.

  • Is an effective tool for stress reduction

  • Promotes restful sleep.

  • Provides a relaxing and comforting therapy, without having to talk about your problems as in a counselling session.

  • You may be interested in exploring energy therapies and Reiki is one of the ways to do that.

  • As a complementary/alternative therapist you may benefit from Reiki sessions to enhance your personal energy management and self care.

  • Reiki can enhance your awareness of the spiritual dimension of life.

  • You may be thinking about learning Reiki and want to experience a treatment for yourself.

A Reiki Drum Technique session offers effective healing to clear energetic blocks, address personal issues and stimulate past life recall (in the Reiki Drum Journey sessions)

The combination of drum beats and reiki healing energy is a powerful healing tool that draws on shamanic techniques.  It is deeply relaxing and a wonderful therapy to try. Please contact me if you would like to book a session.