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Reiki & Healing Books

"Reiki Fire", Frank Arjava Petter, Lotus Press
A brief, easily digestible and inspiring Reiki manual for the beginner. Recommended.

"The Reiki Sourcebook", Bronwen & Frans Stiene, O Books
Includes a history of Reiki and a great number of techniques used by the various schools of Reiki in existence.

"The Japanese Art of Reiki", Bronwen & Frans Stiene, O Books
An excellent practical guide to Reiki from the Japanese tradition.

"Reiki the Healing Touch", William Lee Rand, Vision Publications
William Lee Rand is an American Reiki master and founder of the International Center for Reiki Training.

"Reiki The True Story: an Exploration of Usui Reiki", Don Beckett, Frog Books
A wonderfully well written and researched book on Japanese Reiki. A must read!

"Anything Can Be Healed", Martin Brofman, Findhorn Press
Explains the Body Mirror System of healing developed by the author. Focuses on the chakras and reading the body as a map of our consciousness.

"Hands of Light", Barbara Brennan, Bantam Books
Very detailed, in depth coursebook exploring the chakras and the human energy field.

"Your Healing Power" Jack D'Angelo, Piatkus Books
Recommended reading for spiritual healers.

Meditation/Spiritual Development
"The Power of Now" Eckhart Tolle
"Shaman, Healer, Sage" Alberto Villoldo
"The Complete Guide to Modern Meditation" Patricia Carrington
"Conversations With God: Parts One, Two and Three" Neale Donald Walsch
"The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success" Deepak Chopra
"A Little Light on the Spiritual Laws" Diana Cooper
"Messages in Water" Masaru Emoto

Reiki and Healing Related Websites

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The Healing Trust                  
College of Psychic Studies  
The Arthur Findlay College 
                             International Center forReiki Training                                                         
Absolute Reiki                         
Reiki Evolution                     
                                Rhythm Research and Resources            
Elizabeth Whiter               
Spiritual healing for animals and humans                             
 James French                                       The Trust Technique  
                           Animal healing and communication                                                                

Links to Useful Articles

"Create a happier, healthier life with Reiki", William Lee Rand.        

"Reiki and Drumming", Michael Baird & Laurelle Shanti Gaia