Discover the Power of Flowers

Relaxing Energy Therapies  
Inspired by the Beauty and Spirits of Flowers

If you are looking for an effective, relaxing therapy that you can also learn to use yourself then  Reiki   energy healing could be your answer. Reiki treatments help you release stress and tension, ease physical aches and pains and can bring improvements in mental/emotional health. 

For an insight into what it means to me to be a reiki practitioner, see my  Reiki Flowers blog post here

I offer both Reiki (including Reiki Drum Therapy)  and Indian head massage treatments in and around Woodbridge. Mobile treatments are available by special arrangement. 

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 I occasionally attend events around the local area, so please do come and say hello and try one of my taster treatments. Better still, book a full treatment and make the first step to better physical, emotional and mental health.
Roseheart Reiki session  will help you to relax and can improve your physical, emotional and mental health. My Lotus Blossom Indian Head Massage is really effective at releasing any tension in your neck and shoulders which can come from using a computer for prolonged periods. 

Flower Power treatment combines both of these therapies, which is a shorter version of the head massage plus 25-30 minutes of reiki.  

You may wish to try something completely different and my new reiki drumming treatment sessions offer an even deeper healing experience.

I  also offer an email card reading service using the Flower Therapy Oracle and Angel cards, so if this is something that might interest you, take a look at the Divination page for further information on the different types of reading available.  

If there is anything you cannot find on the website,  or if you have any questions, you can always give me a ring or email.

Tel: 07724 598188

"Serenity is to be imagined as a tangible force similar to the scent of a flower. When we ourselves have found serenity, we exude or radiate this tangible energy which can be sensed consciously or unconsciously by those around us" 

Djwal Khul, The Tibetan Master, channeled by Edwin Courtenay, from "The Ascended Masters Book of Ritual & Prayer".

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