The Things We Do

A Drabble 

This was an entry in slashthedrabble's "taste" challenge.

Fandom: X-Men.
Pairing: Bobby / Logan
First posted: 2005-01-16 06:25:00

He'd watched Logan exercising earlier, and in bed the man's body lingered behind his lids. So Bobby went downstairs to hit Remy's not-so-secret cache. As he walked in the door, moonlight streaming through tall windows showed Logan slumped against a wall, bourbon in his hand and the devil in his eyes.

Glass filled, Bobby hunkered down next to Logan and started to drink. In the darkness the sound of blades snicking out, snicking in.

"Hey, Frigid Man..."

But suicidal Bobby turned, grabbed, and was kissing the claws, licking along the shafts, the taste of adamantium flooding his mouth.