The Power of Dreams
For slashthedrabble's Challenge #24--Outside In.

Title: The power of dreams.
Fandom: BtVS.
Pairing: Willow imagines Xander and Oz.
Rating: Oh, it's a naughty one.
Words: 300.

End of another day. Willow snuggled down. She'd given up feeling guilty about this one. Since Tara had gone she'd stopped worrying whether what she was doing made sense or not. If it felt good...

Her hand slipped down, and she conjured an image: Oz, the half smile, the graceful lines, the untameable heart. They should have known, she thought: he'd moved like a wild animal from the very beginning. He was one she'd loved.

And another... Xander. Always fooling. Always covering. Always hiding the pain. Oh! That felt good! Xander: big, hard, muscular, powerful but controlled. Oz: small, supple, lithe, quick and instinctive. They were covering her with kisses, licking her, holding her down. Ah! All three bodies writhed, intertwined.

Her hand moved strongly, and the pictures in her mind gained a surprising clarity. She watched the men’s limbs rub against each other from time to time as they pleasured her. Oz' arm over Xander's shoulder as they licked a breast apiece. She concentrated: their heads moved closer together, they licked down into the valley between her breasts. At the centre, their mouths met. They kissed. Their erections, pressed against her legs, flexed at the same moment. She was near!

Her eyes were closed, she didn't see the motes of golden light pouring from her body, swirling upwards in widening spirals studded with frozen scenes. As she spasmed and gasped, the cloud filled with lightnings and vanished, collapsing in a shower of probabilites. And in the heavenly machinery that governs our lives, two world-lines shifted course, veering violently together.

Half a continent away Oz, asleep and dreaming of carnage, smelled a scent strangely familiar and awoke, aroused in a way he'd never known. While Xander Harris, drunk in a bar, slipped into a dream of a yellow brick road.