Fandom: SGA

Pairing: Rodney / John

Rating: NC-17 

"I want to kiss you," said Rodney.

"So kiss me."

"But my mouth isn't big enough."

Ok, that did it. John opened his eyes and gave Rodney a Look. He seemed perfectly serious. In fact, he seemed to be on the verge of tears.

"I want to kiss the whole of you, all in one go. One perfect moment when the whole of me is kissing the whole of you. But my mouth isn't big enough."

For the nth time John wondered which side of the line between genius and insanity Rodney was walking, then gave up. He closed his eyes and let his head sink back on the pillow.

"I'll have to trade space for time," said Rodney, and got out of bed. John heard him pace down to the bottom of the bed. A rustle, and — oh! — there had been a tiny, delicate kiss on the sole of his foot.

John was about to ask Rodney how long he'd been a foot fetishist, but then another kiss landed lightly beside the first and the remark died unspoken. Another kiss and yet another, gentle, almost chaste, eventually forming a complete circle around the first. Ah! — now an outer circle of kisses was under way, each of them longer, harder, distinctly more passionate than the earlier ones, as though Rodney was trying to tell him something that even he couldn't put into words.

John was wondering where all this was going when "kissing the whole of you" floated into his memory and he hardened in anticipation.  In the meantime Rodney had started on the other foot, likewise covering it with kisses, and now he began to weave back and forth between the two. Tender, hungry, reverent, wild, devout, abandoned, desperate: a never-ending rain of kisses fell from Rodney's lips, and everywhere they landed burned like fire. 

Nobody had ever done anything like this to him — for him — before, and as Rodney proceeded upwards John marvelled that this brilliant and accomplished man found it good to kneel and worship his body with his own. He realised then what it was that Rodney was saying with all the kisses and the brimming tears: that there was no part, not an inch, not an atom of John Sheppard that Rodney McKay did not love with all his being. John felt his cock bounce at the thought, and ache for sweet release in Rodney's throat; and he wondered briefly if Rodney was perhaps over-generous in his estimate. Then Rodney's lips reached the big muscles on the backs of his calves, and the super-sensitised nerve endings there spoke words of lightning to his brain, and now finally nothing existed except an endless moment of infinite joy when the whole of Rodney is kissing the whole of John.

John came back to himself some time later. He had new memories: Rodney kissing his thighs, Rodney kissing his ass, Rodney kissing up and down the length of his cock, belly, sides, back, chest, arms, neck, the curve of his jaw, fully and deeply on his lips... He couldn't swear to it, but he thought the very last kiss had been planted peacefully on the crown of his head just a few seconds before. His body felt... amazing: relaxed, sated, refreshed, still tingling, completely alive.

John turned. Rodney was looking at him, silent, eyes shining in the half darkness. Slowly, tenderly, John leaned over to his lover and kissed the tears away.