Rose's Slash Pages
Mo' desperate yearnings

Rose Grandam is the nom de plume of a gay man. If that offends you, then "Goodbye! May your illusions comfort you until the end of your days!"

Rose, also known as Esmée to her friends, is an amateur of the noble art of slash fiction. This page is going to be the official home of my slashy outpourings, the playpen of the more romantic side of my nature.


Slashy links

In medias res - Resonant's slash fiction. That site contains the excellent How to Write a Sex Scene.

Mice's Hole in the Wall. Here's what he has to say about himself:

Mice is a Sexy Senior Citizen who happens to like guys. Especially young, sexy guys with young, sexy guys. He watches smutty videos that aren't his, writes smutty stories, and attempts to get dates with young, sexy guys. He hasn't had much success with the getting dates thing, which is why he writes smutty stories and watches smutty videos that aren't his.

So, in exactly the same boat as me then, except he's a lot more successful in writing the stories! Seems to specialise for the SGA fandom in McKay/Beckett. Site includes tips on Writing Action Scenes and Writing Angst, Hurt/Comfort, and BDSM.