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MJ= math journal, HL= home link, JS= Junior Scholastic Magazine, SM= Scholastic Math Magazine

  Week 2/12/18-2/16/18 Week 2/5/18-2/9/18
*Late work or corrections not accepted after 2/16/18!
Math: Study for Unit 3 Math Test. (See IXL review standards at the bottom of this page.)

Social Studies:
Ch.10-3 Guided Reading due Thursday
Math: HL 3-11 Show your work!, MJ p. 150 #1-4
Math: Review for Unit 3 Math Test

Social Studies:
Math: HL 3-12 (Remember that you can watch the Interactive Box Plot video to help with your homework.)

Social Studies: Maker homeroom- Oracle Bones due tomorrow
 WednesdayMath: Unit 3 Math Test

Social Studies: 
Early Release due to weather
Math: 5-Number Summaries, HL 3-13

Social Studies: Ch. 10-3 Guided Reading due Friday
 ThursdayWinter Carnival- Bring an extra change of dry clothes, shoes, and socks!
Math: Unit 3 Math Test corrections and Unit 3 Challenge

Social Studies:
Math: HL 3-14

Social Studies:
 FridayEarly Dismissal
Movie Morning! Bring a snack or drink to share with both classes.


Social Studies: 
Math: Khan Academy
(Bring headphones or earbuds to class, please!)

Social Studies: Douglas homeroom- Oracle Bones due 2/14 

 NotesPlease bring earbuds or headphones to school to use in class!Unit 3 Math IXL Review:
Add decimals G.1
Subtract decimals H.2
Multiply decimals H.4
Divide decimals H.7
Decimal word problems H.5
Decimal estimation G.3, H.1
Percent problems S.4, S.5, S.7
Interpreting histograms GG.11
Interpreting box plots GG.19
Decimals Place Chart
20x20 Multiplication Chart