Mrs. Maker's Homework Page

 Daily Assignments: February 4 - 8
 Daily Assignments: February 11 - 15
 Monday-ELA: Type Science Lab Report - Egg Osmosis - Take II
          IXL C 1-3  Due Friday

 Complete Chapter 3 Study Guide
                *Correcting it in class tomorrow - Tuesday
                Chapter 3 Test on Thursday 
                IXL - E 1-11 Due Next Friday

ELA - Habits of Work Rubric - Introduction - Complete and make               Revisions. 
           Habits of Work Reflection - Self Reflection Score -Be Honest
           IXL C 1-3 Last Chance 10 points off.

Science - Alien Egg Experiment Take II - Due Today!
                 IXL - Due Friday
 Tuesday-ELA- ELA Templates - Story Elements and Point of view  
          IXL C 1-3 Due Friday

Science- Correcting Chapter 3 Study Guide
                Chapter 3 Science test on Thursday
                IXL - E 1-11 - Due Next Friday

ELA -  Habits of Work Rubric -  Share & Make One Together
            Habits of Work Reflections - Discuss & Create Goal
            IXL C 1-3 Last Chance 10 points off
Science - Google Classroom - Eggs and Cell/Cell Cycle
                 IXL E 1-11 Due Friday

 Wednesday-ELA- Moby Max Placement Test - Mid Year Check 
          IXL C 1-3 Due Friday

Science-  Ch. 3 Test Review - Kahoot - Study for Test!!!
                 IXL - E 1-11 - Due Next Friday
ELA- IXL C 1-3 Last Chance 
         Habits of Work Goal Due Tomorrow

Science-   Google Classroom - Eggs and Cell/Cell Cycle 

                  IXL E 1-11 Due Friday 

 Thursday-ELA- ELA Templates - Types of Conflict 
          IXL C 1-3 Due Friday

Science- Chapter 3 - TEST!!!
                IXL - E 1-11 - Due Next Friday

ELA- MobyMax Mid Year Placement
         Habits of Work Goal - Discussion & Implementation  

Science- Final Revision/Add Pictures/Add Graphs - Lab Report
                IXL E 1-11 Due Friday

 Friday-ELA- IXL C 1-3 Due Friday

Science- Egg - Osmosis Lab Report - Due Monday
                Pass it in this weekend for feedback from me. :)
                IXL E 1-11 Due Next Friday


MobyMax Reward - Wonder and Lot's of Popcorn!!!

ELA- No Homework
Science-  No Homework 

No Homework! Have a great VACATION!!!
  Class Reminders and Announcements: 

*Students NEED Headphones at school for BrainPop and ConnectEd!

Required: Optional:
No. 2 Pencils and Erasers Reusable bag/tote to carry minimal daily supplies
Highlighters Gluestick or white glue
3 Folders with 3-hole prongs Scissors
4 Large Textbook Covers Planner (strongly encouraged)
4 Composition Notebooks Water Bottle
***Headphones or Earbuds*** Colored correcting pen
4 Dry Erase Markers Colored Pencils/ Markers
1 Extra-Fine Black Sharpie Marker Protective earbud/headphone case or bag
Pencil box/pouch Clipboard

Would you like to donate to our classrooms? We always need extra dry erase markers, pencils, erasers, AA and AAA batteries!