Mrs. Sexton(Falzarano) Daily Work Page

 Oct 22-26Oct 15-19


7SS and 7SH 

Chapter one vocabulary due 10/23

IXL 7th level D1 and BB1 due 10/26

8TS and 8LS

Chapter 3 vocabulary due 10/23

IXL 8th level E6, F1, F2 due 10/26

Binder Check due 10/23

Chapter 3 lesson one outline due 10/25


7SS and 7SH This week we will be working on activities in the classroom to prepare for our Oct 4th class trip to Challenger Space Center in Bangor/Coles Transportation Museum 

IXL 7th grade IXL B1 and B2

8LS and 8TS Chapter 2 lesson 2 outline Due 10/3

IXL 8th Level E1, E2, E3 Due 10/5

TuesdayNo new assignments JMG day

No new assignments
7SS working on Patches for field trip, this is an in class activity9


7SS and 7SH Chapter 2 vocabulary due 10/26

8TS and 8LS continue discussion on Mechanical Advantage and Efficiency Equation99

7SS and 7SH working on Communication 

8TS and 8LS Chapter 2 class discussions 
Vocabulary Due


7th and 8th grade will engage in Cornell notes wrapping up their chapters

No new assignments
8TS and 8LS Chapter 2 outline Due
IXL Day for all classes


All classes, IXL Due
Class discussions and one on one help with IXL

7S and 7H
IXL 6th 

8TS and 8LS 
IXL eighth level C1-C4 due


 Class Reminders and Announcements: Everyone should be doing 15 min. or more of IXL daily. These assignments will cover grade level 5-8, I recommend that you start with level 5 and work your way forward. These are graded assignments as well as the chapter work. 



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