REA Minutes

January 10th, 2019

REA Rep Meeting


Executive Board: Camron Pope, Tracy Grauer, Amanda Sandoval, Cindy Towers, Sherryl Bailey

District Office:


Fir Grove: Lisa Pardon

Fullerton: Robin Huseth

Green: Gina Evenich

Hucrest: Kris Kelso

Fremont: Amy Grabinski, Teresa Martin

Jo Lane: Allison Gowey

Melrose: Janet Parrott, Kristy Schulze

RHS: Rachel Jackson, Nikky Barr

Student Services:

Sunnyslope: Scott Kelso

WInchester: Linda McGraw

Specials: Kristin Miller, Corina VanBurger

  • Call to order: 4:17 Camron Pope
  • Approval/additions to agenda: Motion made by Allison Gowey/Seconded by Kristin Miller. Motion carried.
  • Approval of the minutes: .Motion made by Linda McGraw/ Seconded by Scott Kelso. Motion carried
  • President’s report:
  • Wear Red for Ed on Wednesdays, shoes, shirts, pants, scarfs or pins. This is to show solidarity and support for the Governor’s increased Education Budget.
    • We need 40 members to go to Salem on President’s Day to rally on Capitol steps- OEA will pay mileage and hotel room for those who come from more than 100 miles away, lunches will be provided. Sign up at
    • Counseling Services Reminder - Free Counseling Services are available from our insurance. 3 visits per incident. Contact Tracy Powell or Camron Pope for more information.
  • Secondary VP report:
    • President’s Day - Meet at 10 AM on the Capitol steps, there is a place reserved for educators. You will be receiving more information soon.
  • Elementary VP report
    • REA Scholarship - Any graduating child of a union member is eligible. Soon the information will be out in the NewsReview and the Guidance Center at RHS. Your child can attend any school to be eligible.
  • Treasurer report
    • DCEC Dues have been paid
    • and 1099s out
  • Consultant report - Excused
  • Bargaining Support Team- Absent
  • Comments and questions from the floor
    • OEA Rep Assembly - April 26-27. Applications are available on the following link and due by Feb.22. You will have a half day sub on that Friday in order to get to Janzen Beach and be signed in by the time the Assembly begins at 6:00. We generally have 8 slots available and this is a two year commitment. Go to and check out the events.
    • JoLane has tons of rocks and minerals to give away. Come to the school and pick them up. Contact Allison Gowey.
    • Members want more information regarding the trip to Salem. Suggested to send out a survey monkey to get a list of interested members.
  • Meeting adjourned: 4:45