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Boys Town Social Skills

Respectful Behavior

1.Use appropriate titles when speaking t adults (ie: Mr. Mrs. Ma’am, Sir., etc)

2.Be conscious of offensive language

3.Use social (life) skills

Introducing yourself

1.Make eye contact, smile

2.Use a pleasant voice tone

3.Offer a greeting. Say ‘hi my name is…’

4.Shake the person’s hand

5.When you leave, say ‘it was nice to meet you’


1.Make eye contact

2.Use a pleasant voice tone

3.Listen to what the other person says

4.When there is a break in conversation, ask a question or share your thoughts.

 Asking Permission/Making a Request

1.Make eye contact

2.Use a pleasant voice tone

3.Say ‘May I…’

4.If the answer is Yes, say ‘Thank you…’

5.If the answer is No,  say ‘OK’ and accept no

Accepting  (Consequence/Criticism/No)

1. Look at person

2. Say “OK”

3. No arguing, whining, pouting or complaining

 Disagreeing Appropriately

1. Make eye contact

2. Use a concern empathy statement

3. State specifically what you disagree with

4. Give reason for disagreeing

5. Listen to and consider the other person’s opinion

6. Thank person for listening

 Reporting Inappropriate Behavior

1.Make eye contact with teacher/adult

2.Use a calm voice. Ask to talk in private.

3.Accurately describe the inappropriate behavior you are reporting

4.Give facts not opinions

5.Explain why you are making the report

6.Answer any questions

7.Thank the person

 Resisting Peer Pressure

1.Make eye contact

2.Use a calm, respectful voice tone

3.Say clearly that you do not want to participate

4.Suggest something else to do

5.If necessary, continue to say ‘no’

6.Leave the situation

7.Report other person’s behavior, if necessary

 Making an Apology

1. Make eye contact

2. Use a serious sincere voice tone

3. Make specific statement of remorse:  ‘I am sorry for…’   or ‘I want to apologize for…’

4. Don’t make excuses

5. Ask person to accept apology

6. Thank the person for listening/ accept their response

 Following Instructions

1.Make eye contact

2.Say ‘ok’

3.Do what you’ve been asked to right away.

 Staying on Task

1. Self start, look at your task.

2. Work steadily for required time.

3. Sit straight and work quietly.

4. Remain awake.

5. Ignore distractions, focus you attention on your task.

6. Maintain a pleasant face.

7. Ask for help when necessary.

Getting Teacher’s Attention

1.  Raise your hand, stay calm.

2. Wait quietly for acknowledgment.

3.  State question/answer specifically.

How to Greet

1. Look at the person

2. Use a pleasant voice tone

3. Smile

4. Make a verbal greeting

 How to Listen

1. Look at the person presenting.

2. Use pleasant face.

3. Sit straight.

4. Remain still and quietly listen.

5. Ask permission to talk if necessary