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  M44 with ATI Mount and Stock. Type 74 Muzzle Brake threaded on the barrel.  The Type 74 is the best muzzle brake, cuts felt recoil by 33%. Less muzzle rise while shooting.  Felt recoil is like shooting a SKS.
When a ATI mount is installed correctly is the best low profile mount on the market.
Bolt handle and pull ring safety mod by max_shepherd.  See #12 below.
NOTE:  I am no longer selling the Mosin Nagant Adjustable Roller Ball Trigger.  Huber Triggers owns the patent. 
All orders over $ 200 receive a free 11-Degree Muzzle Target Crown Service per one barrel.
Meaning if you send me 3 barrels and your total is $250, only one target crown is free.

 Mosin Nagant, SKS and AK Services 
using Your Parts.  
Where to purchase Scope Mounts and Type 74 muzzle brake:
Barska Type 74 muzzle brakes have thread issues. 
FA Type 74 brake has a small diameter exit hole, only slightly larger than the bullet.  Tapco works perfect.
Save yourself time and by buying Tapco muzzle brake. Tapco costs less.

Any type of AK47 muzzle brake will work.  Though the T 74 works the best.

We do not remove Mosin barrels
1.  Bolt smoothing and polish.  All rough spots removed. Light polishing to the entire bolt, main work done to the parts that rub / move.  $ 25.
2A.   Chamber cleaning and copper removal.    $ 15.
2B.   Aggressive chamber cleaning for all Mosins that get steel cased and brass cased ammo stuck.  Stops steel case 
and brass cased ammo from getting stuck in the chamber.  $ 25
2C.   Aggressive bore cleaning.  Did you use corrosive ammo and forget to clean it?  $ 25
2D.   Combo deal  2B and 2C.  $ 40.

3.  Trigger, sear / bolt stop smoothing and polishing:  $ 15.
4.  Butt Plate serial number removal and blued.  $ 10.
5.  Barrel Threading: 14mm x 1mm LH. "ONLY."   Any type of AK47 muzzle brake.  Muzzle brake install included. $ 40.
           Also see # 7 resize outer diameter in order to thread. This is for shortened barrels. If your barrel has not been cut, there is no turn down fee.
                             Note a barrel that is counter bored must be shortened in order to thread.
Any barrels that are threaded must have muzzle brake / flash hider installed by Roscoe World.
                                   This barrel thread is not for suppressors.
" I strongly recommend the Type 74, you won't be disappointed."  If your buying a T74 Brake please buy a Tapco Type 74 muzzle brake.
6.  Barrel Shortening and recrowing.   You pick the length, no shorter than 16".  $ 50. Also see # 15.
7.  Barrel turn down "resize outer diameter in order to thread or install a M38 front sight."  $ 50.

8.  Most common service is the M91/30. Shorten / recrown the barrel, thread and install a muzzle brake. No front sight.  $ 85.
     Also see # 15 for a target crown.  22 inch barrel. YouTube
8a. With front sight installed add $ 15.00  You will need either a Brass stacker or a M 38 front sight.
All scope mount screws are installed with Loctite.  
9.   ATI Scope mount install with hex head full length screws.  Bedded with JB Weld $ 60.
9a. PU Scope mount install. $ 80.  "Please add $15 for ex snipers"  You must supply drill bit and Tap.
9b. PU or PEM stock inlet.  $ 40.
9c. Rock Solid mount install with bedding.  $ 75.
9d. Jmeck scope mount install  $50.
10. PEM side mount install  $80. "Please add $15 for ex snipers"  You must supply drill bit and Tap.
11. Trueshot scope mount.  $ 80.  With full length screws.

See #16 for bore sighting.

Note:  Why do you supply drill bits and taps for the PU / PEM mounts.  Different companies make these and some are different sized screws.  It will speed your order up if we have the right parts to start with.
10. ATI Stock fitting:  Round Receiver $ 50.  Hex Receiver $ 65.  M39 $ 100. 
11.  M91/30  Rear sight dove tail removal. $ 45.  Please include your rear sight pins for dove tail removal.  These fill in the holes.
11.a.  Note: very few M91/30 rear sights have to be ground off.  $ 25 extra.  I won't know unti it gets here.
11.b.   M44 or M38  Front and rear sight removal  $ 35.  or $ 15 and I keep the sights.
11c.   M91/30  Front sight base removal.  $ 25.
11.e.   M44 front sight conversion to a M38 front sight. $ 20. {you remove the front sight}
11.f.   M44 front sight conversion to a M38 front sight.  I remove off barrel & install. $ 50.
12. Bolt Conversion and Pull Ring safety.  Please contact: Max Shepherd Bolt Products.  He does the best bolt conversion I have ever seen.  Better than the factory bolt handle. Don't be fooled by others offering lower prices. Get it done right the first time.   I would strongly recommend not using the ATI bolt handle.  These will break off during use. 
13.  Choate Scope Mount install for the SKS.  $ 60.
14.  SKS Barrel threading 14mm x 1mm left hand thread.  Price includes Muzzle brake install $ 40.
15.  11-Degree Muzzle Target Crown.  $ 15 or  Free with any $200 order.
                                              Note: Not for counter bored barrels.  
16.  Bore sighting your scope up to 200 yards.  $ 25  or with any scope mount install  $ 15.
16a.  Test fire your Mosin with 5 rds. $ 20. Will need your bolt.  
   This may add a few extra days before shipping.  I go to the range once a week.

17.  SKS  Barrel Threading: 14mm x 1mm LH. "ONLY."   Any type of AK47 muzzle brake.  Muzzle brake install included. $ 40.
18.  SKS Shorten / recrown the barrel, thread, install front sight and install a muzzle brake.  $ 125.
18.a:  SKS shorten / recrown the barrel and thread.  No front sight installed.  $ 85

19.  SKS  Shorten / recrown install front sight.  16 inch.  $ 75.

20.  AK47  Shorten / recrown the barrel, thread, install front sight and install a muzzle brake that is permanently attached.  Muzzle brake is part of the barrel must be 16 inches total length.  $ 125. 

Legal barrel length 16.5 inches with a permanently attached Type 74 muzzle brake.

 All barrel threading is 14mm x 1mm left hand threads.
Muzzle Brakes are permanently attached, though if needed they can be removed with heat and a barrel vise.  They will not come off during shooting.
I only thread barrels that I install the muzzle brake.  Why?  So I know it is installed correctly and it won't come off while shooting.
Shipping costs:  Send UPS or USPS.   Purchase a shipping tube, the tube works great just pack the ends tight.  Describe as barrel.  The price you pay to send the barrel to me, will be your return cost.  Please pack the box tight with paper or other packing materials.  Please send the tracking number so I know when to expect your package.
                        Over pay on shipping or services, I do give refunds.
Contact:  For questions not answered below.
Payment types excepted: USPS, Western Union type Money Orders and Bank Cashiers Checks. No Personal Checks.  Please include a copy of the order form for parts and services.
Order Form. and shipping info


How to measure the correct barrel length: 

Type 74 Muzzle brake installed on a M44.  Bayonet lug removed.

Brass Stacker front sight and Tapco T74 on a M91/30.  19 inch barrel cut.

 Shortened,  Standard Crown and Threaded.

20 inch barrel, threaded with target crown.

inch barrel, threaded with target crown.
 Factory vs Target Crown

M44 barrel threading without removing the front sight / bayonet lug.
Shortened, turned down, crowned and blued. M38 front sight install on a M91/30 with a 20 inch barrel cut.
 ATI Scope Mount using full length Hex Head Screws.  ATI screws are not full length.
 PU scope mount





Mosin Parts For Sale:  Plus postage.
1.  Mosin Steel butt plate with no serial number. VG condition $ 10.
2.  Post War Trigger.  $ 7.50  Sold out.
3.  Mosin Hooded front sight.  $ 15. Sold out.
4.  M38 or M44 Rear Sight, Complete Assembly. Excellent condition.  $ 20.
5.  M91/59  Rear sight leaf.  $ 35.  Sold out.
6a.  M38  Front sight complete with pin.  $ 60  Original issue
6b.  Modified M44 front sight to look like a M38 front sight.  $ 45. SOLD OUT.
6c.  Original M91/59 front sight with pin. Very hard to find.  $ 100.
7.  Mosin Nagant adjustable trigger spare roller ball.  2 for $1.50 Postage included.
8.  Mosin Nagant front globe sight. Narrow base.  $ 15.00
9.  Romanian AK47 Bayonet. Matching serial numbers. $ 20.  4 in stock.
10.  T53 Post War front sight without the bayonet lug.  These are modified, lug and barrel tube cut off.  Perfect for those who require a front sight on a shortened barrel.  $ 35  SOLD OUT.  

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