LESSON 27: "My Name is Gabriela" and "Gabriela Mistral: A Poet's Life in Photos"

We will be reading the biography "My Name is Gabriela" by Monica Brown and the photo essay "Gabriela Mistral: A Poet's Life in Photos." These selections are about the life and work of Gabriela Mistral.

Spelling Words

Words with aw and au(gh)
  1. claw
  2. fault
  3. draw
  4. haul
  5. crawl
  6. lawn
  7. sauce
  8. paw
  9. caught
  10. saw
  11. daughter *
  12. naughty *
  13. seesaw *
  14. author *
  15. because *
* Challenge Words

Robust Vocabulary Words

accent – If people can tell where you are from by the way you speak, then you speak with an accent.
native – If you were born in a certain place, then you are a native of that place.
beyond – Something that is beyond something else is farther away.
noticed – If you noticed something, you observed it carefully.
create – When you create, you use your imagination to make something new.
award – When you do something that others think is very good, you may receive a prize or award.
literature – Stories and poems are kinds of literature.
grand – If something is grand, it is important and wonderful.
aspire – When you aspire to do something. you try very hard to do it.
accolade – When you get a special award or praise for something, you are receiving an accolade.
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