useful sentences




Hello, nice to meet you.

My name is…

 Thank you very much.


You are welcome (de nada).


 What´s the weather like today?

The weather is very bad today.

It´s very cold.

It´s raining.

It´s sunny today.


I would like to visit …

I´m going shopping today.

I´m going out with my friends tonight.

I´m going to the cinema tomorrow night with my friends.

 Can I go to a disco with my friends tonight?

I want to visit some museums/historical monuments…


Where is … street?

Where is the cinema / bank / bus station?

How do  I get to the  post office?

How far is the museum from here?

Is the restaurant near?


The bus station is at the end of this street.

Walk down the street, take the first right, cross the square and the restaurant is there.

The bus station is only a five minute walk from here.

Take the second street on the left, then at the end of this street turn right, walk to the end of the street.

Cross the road and the bank is there.


Would you like something to eat?

I would like pizza /pasta for dinner.

What would you like for lunch?

Can I have a salad / sandwich?

Can I have some water?

I would like an ice-cream


Can I have a glass of water?

Can I have the bill, please?

I´m looking  for some presents for my family in Spain.

I´m looking for some new shoes.

I would like a new pair of jeans.


What size are you?           Large-medium-small

Can I try them on?                   

Where are the changing rooms?



Where can I go to see a pop/rock concert?

I would like to buy two tickets.

How much are they?

Are there any tickets left?


I´m going to bed early.

I have to get up early to go sight-seeing.

I´m going to get up at 7:30 tomorrow morning to go to school.