"We should all be concerned about the future because we'll have to spend the rest of our lives there."


Use the links on the right to answer these questions:

1. Read the list of predictions made in 1900. Which predictions were right? Which ones failed? Give a few examples.

2. Read the predictions that some children made for the year 2020. Write a few lines giving your opinion about them.

3. Technology, Science, etc. make constant changes in our lives. What will our cities be like in the year 3000? (include predictions related to schools, transports, shops, leisure activities, medicine, communication, etc...)

4. Some people make money out of predicting other people's future...    What's a fortune teller?  Do you believe in them?  Why? Why not?  Write a short composition.

5. Now, have fun with the help of  the "Fortune teller". Write down five things that will/won't happen to you in the future according to its predictions.



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Predictions by children 

Fortune teller 


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