Eating well isn’t always a priority for teenagers. . Some teenagers think that if they stop eating they will have a perfect, slim figure, but they’re only destroying their bodies and, sometimes, their lives.

Read these texts carefully and do the activities below.



1.- Define "eating disorders" with your own words.

2.- What is a healthy eater?

3.- What are the four categories of food included in a healthy diet?

4.- What is anorexia? What are the common symptoms?

5.- What are the six tips if you want to lose weight and be healthy?

6.- Answer these questions:

 - Why are bread, pasta and cereal necessary for you?

- Why is milk so important for a teenager's diet?

- Do you have to eat breakfast everyday? Why?

- What's the best snack?

- Make a list of the new words you learnt in this activity.

7.- Do the quizz .... Are you a healthy eater?

FINAL TASK: You've received an e-mail from your friend telling you she is very sad. She never looks at herself in the mirror because she thinks she's very fat and she says she won't eat. You know your friend isn't fat at all and you know that stop eating is not a good idea. Write an e-mail to her with your advice.

Chari Fernández