Scientific Article on the Ropen

The Creation Research Society publishes a quarterly magazine of peer-reviewed scientific papers. Volume 45, Number 3 (Winter, 2009 issue) contains a paper
by Jonathan D. Whitcomb: "Reports of Living Pterosaurs in the Southwest Pacific." Apparently, it is the first scientific paper of its kind to be published in a journal.
The introduction includes: "A number of expeditions in recent years have collected and analyzed eyewitness
testimony, primarily in Papua New Guinea (PNG) (Figure 1). These accounts center on a strange creature the
natives of Umboi Island (Figure 2) call a “ropen.” In addition to interviews (from 1994 through 2004) with PNG
natives, interviews with five Western eyewitnesses were conducted (from 2004 through 2007) by e-mail, telephone,
mail, and in person."
It seems this scientific paper is available online but only to member of the Creation Research Society.