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Officers and Committees

The GOVERNING BOARD of Mobile Genealogical Society consists of two bodies:  the BOARD OF DIRECTORS and ELECTED OFFICERS; they transact the business of the society. 


President - Kathy L. Richardson
First Vice President / Programs - Ken Day
Second Vice President / Membership - Marta McConnell Pierce
Recording Officer - Monica Tapper
Corresponding Officer - Dot Thompson
Treasurer - Don Culberson
Librarian - Paulette Wilson
Assistant Librarian - Judy Culp
Publications Officer - Judy Culp
Auditor - Jackie Brazel
Director - Yvonne Vrouwenvelder Edeker
Director - Jeffrey W. Krause
Director - Michelle Woodham
Director - Gray T. Zimlich 

COMMITTEES 2013 - 2014
Abstracting Chair - Dot Thompson
Abstracting Co-Chair - Meriem Barlow
Budget Planning - Jackie Brazel, Don Culberson, 
Kathy L. Richardson
Cemetery - open
Deep South Genealogical Quarterly Editor - Kathy L. Richardson
Deep South Genealogical Quarterly Co-Editor - Dot Thompson
MGS Newletter Editor - Marta Pierce
MGS Newletter Co-Editor - Yvonne Vrouwenvelder Edeker
Editorial - Jeffrey W. Krause, Kathy Richardson, Michelle Woodham, Gray T. Zimlich
Facilities - Al Smith
Genealogy Course Instructors - Judy Culp, Sylvia Morris
Grant Writing - Open
 - Sylvia Morris
Hospitality - Judy Culp
Legal Advisor - Gregory L. Leatherbury Jr.
Lineage Consultant / Instructor - Faye Cook
Research - Gordon Cook
Web - Yvonne Vrouwenvelder Edeker
Web Hosting -