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Our publications are available for purchase and we offer numerous publications to help you in your research. The many publications we have available are listed below. Send your requests to:  MGS, P.O. Box 6224, Mobile AL 36660-6224.

We accept mailed orders with a check. Please include your email address with your written order so that we may alert you that your order has shipped.

Publication prices are in U.S. dollars and, while we won't do it often, prices are subject to change without notice. Shipping charges are $6.00 for the first item, $3.00 for each additional item. Orders from outside the United States do require additional postage, so expect to pay a tad more for that.

We can also provide research services for your Mobile, Alabama genealogy quest. Our research fees are outlined HERE.

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American Beginnings in the Old Southwest, Mississippi Phase

Written by William Baskerville Hamilton, Ph.D., this is an original dissertation published posthumously. Contains a surname index including over 4,000 surnames. Describes the settling of the Mississippi Territory, and the names of settlers instrumental to this task. 

382 pages.  $65.00

American Seamen 1867-1872

Transcribed by Clara Dolan and David Wilkerson from microfilm of Record Group 36, Roll 1 of the U.S. Customs Service. Contains a partial transcription of seamen working on ships arriving in Mobile during the period noted. Most of the records are from 1867-1870. Contains the seaman’s full name, name and type of ship and date of arrival for approximately 1,500 active seamen.  

57 pages.  $20.00

Birth Notices - Mobile Daily Register

Volume I - 1885-1889    •    75 pages.  $25.00

A listing of birth notices from the Mobile Daily Register.  Abstracted by Ann Torrans Summersell.

Volume II - 1890-1899    •    147 pages.  $30.00

A listing of birth notices from the Mobile Daily Register.  Abstracted by Ann Torrans Summersell.  

Volume III - 1900-1909    •    198 pages.  $35.00

A listing of birth notices from the Mobile Daily Register.  Abstracted by Ann Torrans Summersell.   


Burial Records, Mobile County, Alabama

Volume I - 1820-1826, 1835-1856    •    237 pages.  $40.00

List of 12,226 burials for 1820-1826 and 1835-1856. The burials are sorted alphabetically on the first letter of the surname within each year covered. Index to this volume sold separately.  

Index to Volume I    •    129 pages.  $30.00

Full-name index of persons included in Volume I of the burial records book. Includes given names and page number that the name appears on in Volume I.  

Volume II - 1857-1870    •    312 pages.  $45.00

Contains burials for 1857-1870. Most of the entries include the sex, age, and place of birth.  Some include occupation. Includes an index of 4,987 surnames.   


Catholic Cemetery Tombstone Inscriptions, Mobile County, Alabama

Compiled from cemetery tombstone inscriptions with dates back to the early 1840s; some older headstones are included. The cemetery was used primarily by Catholics, but includes many non-Catholics, also. Covers what is commonly known as the “old section.” Contains an index of 1,528 surnames.  

150 pages.  $30.00


Choctaw County Alabama Tombstone Inscriptions

Compiled by Mary Ellen Tindle. Contains tombstone inscriptions of 88 named and 19 unnamed cemeteries, most of which are from the pre-Civil War era.  Approximately 2,500 inscriptions with surname index.  

187 pages.  $35.00


Death Notices Mobile, Alabama and Vicinity

Abstracts arranged in chronological order with a surname index.  Most of these records are from newspapers published in or near Mobile.  These lists are not a complete record of all the deaths that occurred, but they include a significant portion. Typical data includes death date and cause of death.

1813 - 1819    •    79 names, 12 pages.  $15.00

1820 - 1829    •    1,025 names, 81 pages.  $20.00

1830 - 1839    •    2,150 names, 156 pages.  $30.00

1840 - 1849    •    2,603 names, 216 pages.  $35.00

1850 - 1859    •    928 names, 39 pages.  $20.00

1860 - 1869    •    778 names, 100 pages.  $25.00

1870 - 1879    •    1,552 names, 108 pages.  $25.00


Death Record Copies - "Mail Order Only"

A photocopy of the official Mobile County Health Department Death Records of persons who died during the years 1876-1908. Death Record consists of Physician’s Certificate of Death, the Return of Death Certificate and (when applicable) the Certificate for Shipment when the deceased was shipped into or out of the county. Submit name, death date and, if possible, certificate number as found in the Death Record Index, Volume II. 

Price for copy includes mailing cost. $10.00 per name. 


Death Records Mobile County, Alabama, Index

Contains abstracts sorted by name and includes the date of death, race and the death certificate number, if the death occurred between 1843 and 1875. Volumes II and III do not include the death certificate numbers.

Volume I, 1843-1875    •    24,000 names.  202 pages.  $35.00

Volume II, 1876-1908    •    43,500 names.  333 pages.  $45.00

Volume III, 1909-1922    •    24,000 names.  199 pages.  $35.00


Deep South Genealogical Quarterly - DSGQ

Back issues provide useful information to persons researching their family history in Mobile and nearby areas of the deep South. First published in 1963 with quarterlies ranging in size from 50 to 65 pages.

DSGQ issue    •    About 60 pages – varies.  $10.00

DSGQ One-Year set    •    4-Issue set. About 240 pages.  $35.00

DSGQ Index for 1962-2005    •    226 pages.  $40.00

Compiled by Mary Lou Collier. Titles, content and record type for all items published in the DSGQ quarterly from 1963 through 2005.  

Erik Overbey Photograph Collection

Erik Overbey operated a commercial photography studio in Mobile from 1903 to the late 1950s. The studio continued into the 1960s under the ownership of Frances White. The complete Overbey collection predates 1903 as Mr. Overbey purchased the negatives of W. A. Reed who operated in Mobile from the 1880s. This is an index of only the safety film portrait negatives, which spans the 1940s to the 1960s. The index is supplied by the University of South Alabama Archives and is compiled from the data on the envelopes that contain(ed) the negatives. Other data, like addresses may also be on the envelopes. Caution: Some of the envelopes are empty and the negatives do NOT exist. In addition, some negatives exist but are deemed unprintable as they have deteriorated so badly. Both of these groups are denoted by an asterisk (*) and are, in general, from the earlier years. They are included here in an effort to provide genealogical data to researchers.

Erik Overbey Collection, Volume I - A-K    •    1940-1950s.  163 pages.  $30.00

Erik Overbey Collection, Volume II - L-Z    •    1940-1950s.  151 pages.  $30.00

Family Histories and Memories

Compilation of family histories, stories, family charts, and other valuable information provided by the members of the Mobile Genealogical Society.  

775 surnames. 265 pages.  $40.00

George County, Mississippi Marriages 

Abstracted from the marriage books on file with the George County, Mississippi Circuit Court Clerk.  Approximately 75% of these marriages were couples from Mobile County, Alabama and other nearby counties in Alabama. The body of the book is in alphabetical order by names of the grooms in the first section and alphabetical by the name of the brides in the second section.

White Marriages, Volume I - 1910-1943    •    4,828 marriages. 196 pages.  $35.00

White Marriages, Volume II - 1943-1947    •    4,770 marriages. 186 pages.  $35.00

White Marriages, Volume III - 1947-1949    •    4,260 marriages. 166 pages.  $30.00

White Marriages, Volume IV - 1949-1951    •    4,410 marriages.  172 pages.  $30.00

Colored Marriages, 1910-1979    •    3,807 marriages.  152 pages.  $30.00

Higgins Mortuary/Funeral Records

Extracted information covering the late 1930s. Indexed by surname.

Volume I    •    1,078 names.  138 pages.  $30.00

Contains 382 abstracted funeral records.

Volume II    •    1,502 names.  192 pages.  $30.00

Contains 539 abstracted funeral records 

Volume III    •    1,245 names.  178 pages.  $30.00

Contains 492 abstracted funeral records.

Volume IV    •    1,444 names.  168 pages.  $30.00

Contains 463 abstracted funeral records

Mobile’s Magnolia Cemetery Records, Squares 1-5

Alphabetically arranged (by surname). By Lloyd Logan. 

3,500 names.  213 pages.  $35.00

Mobile County 1895 Alabama Section Map

Shows railroads, public roads, schools, Spanish land grants, etc. Clear and legible. Copyright 1895 by Henry.  Lithograph of original (18”x 37”). Shipped in a sturdy map tube.    

Includes tube and postage.  $20.00

Mobile County Marriage Records 1813-1850

Arranged alphabetically by both brides and grooms.  Includes the marriage date. Abstracted from records in the Mobile County Courthouse. 

3,000 marriages.  136 pages.  $30.00

Mobile County Alabama Tax Rolls 1836-1839

Abstracted from the tax records containing the name of the individual and/or company name and the taxable year. Indexed by surname. 

6,000 entries.  46 pages.  $20.00

Mobile County, Will Books

Will Book I    •    164 pages.  $40.00

Covers 1813 to 1837. Transcribed by Clinton P. King and Meriem A. Barlow. Contains the earliest wills of Mobile County including the translations of old French and Spanish wills. For those researching their early Mobile County ancestors, this publication is a must-have.  

Will Book IV    •    325 pages.  $50.00

Covers 1860 to 1875. Contains abstracted wills from Mobile County. Abstracted by Eugenia Walters Parker.   


Roche / McKay Funeral Home Records

Abstracted from the files at Roche-Belmany Guardian Chapel in Mobile, Alabama.

Volume I    •    1,040 funeral records. 130 pages.  $30.00

Covers January 28, 1899 to May 11, 1903.

Volume II    •    992 funeral records. 170 pages.  $30.00

Covers October 11, 1918 to April 26, 1920. 

Volume III    •    560 funeral records.  284 pages.  $40.00

Covers December 31, 1923 to December 29, 1924. 


Roche Mortuary Funeral Records 

Volume IV, 1925   •    544 funeral records.  276 pages.  $40.00

Covers December 31, 1924 to December 31, 1925.  Records have excellent genealogical information. 

Volume V, 1926   •   527 funeral record.  268 pages.  $40.00

Covers December 31, 1925 to December 31, 1926.  Records have excellent genealogical information. 

Volume VI, 1927   •   595 funeral records.  304 pages.  $40.00

Contains the detailed funeral records of 595 persons who died and were buried in 1927. Abstracts are chronological, with index. 

Volume VII, 1928   •   556 funeral records.  284 pages.  $40.00

Contains the detailed funeral records of 556 persons who died and were buried in 1928. Lists survivors, pallbearers and whether or not there is a newspaper notice. Abstracts are chronological, with index. 

Volume VIII, 1929 *NEW*    •    528 funeral records.  136 pages.  $30.00

Contains the detailed funeral records of 556 persons who died and were buried between January 1, 1929 and January 3, 1930, with index. 

Volume IX, 1930 *NEW*    •    471 funeral records.  122 pages.  $30.00

Contains the detailed funeral records of 471 persons who died and were buried between January 1, 1930 and January 3, 1931, with index. 


Stirrin’ up the Past - Cookbook 

Mobile Genealogical Society’s cookbook. Member-submitted recipes, including some home remedies.  

209 pages.  $35.00

The Mayor's Court Reports: 1865  *NEW*.  
Complied and Edited by Paula L. Webb.  Daily news reports from the Mayor's Court, the first court in which all criminal cases were decided.  A collection of 281 "as written" reports, contain the names of the slaves, freed slaves, whites, and creoles who lived in, and traveled through Mobile's port city. 
243 pages. $45.00

Washington County, Alabama Marriages

Marriage Book A & B    •    1,154 marriages, 1,101 surnames. 125 pages.  $25.00

Covers 1826 to 1873. 

Marriage Book C    •    660 marriages, 684 surnames. 74 pages.  $20.00

Covers 1873 to 1884.

Marriage Book D    •    523 marriages, 620 surnames.  60 pages.  $20.00

Covers 1887 to 1900.

Non-White Marriages, Books 2 & 3    •    907 marriages, 2,900 surnames. 102 pages.  $25.00

Covers 1899 to 1911. Black and Indian marriages. 

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