Welcome to Roots Creative Engineering - consulting services


Helping YOU develop exceptional New Product Offerings & Competitive Edge


Offering help with:  Technology Management/ Project execution, involving
                          1. Test, Standards Compliance, FEA / CFD Modeling & Validation   

                          2.  Project & Technology Portfolio planning, Product Innovation Process

                 &      3.  Competency Planning, Training, IP and Collaborations Management


Bringing 20+ years of high impact projects & product development leadership expertise.

Our (Mechanical) R&D/ Engineering expertise also include -
Concept Development to Commercialization phase leadership
Materials Development, Optimization & Modeling

Thermal, Structural, Flow, NVH & Emissions Control 

Quality & Process Engineering

Product Design, Manufacturing, Test, Regulatory approvals & Optimization

Leverage our  leading edge technological experiences in the following indutries:

Power Plant, Sensors, Building Products, Industrial Machines, Glass, Surface Cleaning & Medical Devices


Contact: RootsCE@gmail.com for enquiries. Please include brief problem/issues description.