Roots Bamboo Beach Resort

Enjoy the tranquility and the ambiance of Roots Bamboo Beach Resort as the name signifies, enjoy the true  'Yard' culture/vibes.  The food and drink tells you 'Yah Mon' this is pure Jamaican style. Roots Bamboo Beach can be found on the Norman Manley Boulevard, few steps from your cabin and you are in the ocean, pure white sand coupled with  a breath -tak-ing experience that you'll unable to erase from your memory.

We provide camping facilities, affordable rooms with and without air conditioning, those without has a ceiling fan, fridges in some rooms. prices start  at $35 per night. Our restaurant and bar is located on the beach where you can relax and sip one/some of our many cocktails while watching the sunset.

We offer live stage shows every Wednesday night where we feature local and international artistes like Luciano, Freddie Macgregor, Yellowman, John Holt, Frankie Paul and the list goes on, we party until next morning.

The staff are a friendly bunch and will assist you in all your endeavors.

Yes , this is the place you want to be

We can be reach on 18769574479 or 18764171595