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About the YTT Program

Applications are now being accepted for the 200-hour 2011-12 Roots and Wings Yoga Teacher Training with Lisette Hart.  We are a registered school; therefore, successful graduates are eligible for RYT 200 status with the Yoga Alliance 

You may apply for the course to become a Yoga Instructor or to deepen your practice and understanding.  You must be committed to doing the course assignments and fully participate, even if you do not wish to be a teacher. You do not need to have an advanced asana practice, but must have a regular yoga practice, warm-heartedness, excellent personal & work ethic and a strong commitment.

The program runs September 2011 through May 2012. We maintain a small group setting and take nine months to complete the 200-hour program, so that it is done at a pace that is digestible and manageable for participants' lives.  There are three main components in the training:

Roots & Wings Teacher Training Components


1) Group Sessions

    120 Hours


We work together in our ten mandatory group sessions, which are held approximately one weekend per month for 12 hours per weekend

Saturday afternoons are 12:00 p.m. – 8:00 p.m.  Sundays are 12:30 p.m. – 4:30 p.m. (sometimes 11-4)

See dates below. 



2) Apprenticing

     45 Hours


With a flexible schedule of 30 times during the eight month training program, you will apprentice and eventually assist in Lisette’s public yoga classes.  Each apprentice session is a short (1.5 hour) day, evening, or weekend commitment, approximately once per week during the program. Times vary but you can look at Lisette’s public classes teaching schedule for a good indication of when most of the apprentice session timeslot options will be.



3) Assignments / Reading

     35 Hours





Textbook reading and homework will be assigned throughout the nine months. There are due dates for each assignment, with plenty of time for you to complete each assignment at your own pace.


Total = 200 hours

Expenses for the Roots and Wings Teacher Training Program are reasonable. In addition, the Roots and Wings Teacher Training Program offers payment plans and great perks, making program costs realistic for each participant.

Roots & Wings Expenses and Perks


Tuition: $2600


Includes program and unlimited free Yoga classes at Yoga Branch for the duration of the teacher training. That's 9 months of free yoga! A non-refundable $400 deposit is due upon acceptance into program to hold your place.  It is applied towards your $2600 tuition.



Your Yoga Practice



Free Unlimited Yoga Classes for 9 months during the YTT: Keeping up a regular practice is necessary before and during the teacher training. Included in your tuition are nine (9) free months of unlimited Yoga at Yoga Branch from October 1, 2011 - June 31, 2012.

Maintaining your own personal practice is a vital part of becoming an effective, authentic yoga instructor.  You may take unlimited yoga classes with all of the wonderful instructors at Yoga Branch Studio and you need to plan to take an average of one class per week minimum with Lisette Hart aside from the class you apprentice.



Early Registration Special


If you apply and are accepted to the program by August 1st 2011, you receive $200 off of your tuition. Non-refundable deposit of $400 is due upon acceptance. 


Personalized Payment Options


Payment arrangements are an option to spread out your $2600 tuition. Let us know, and we will work out an installment schedule with you at no extra fee. Payments can be made by cash, check, or all major credit cards.    Past participants have made arrangements to pay $200/ month over the 10 months.  Something like that is workable.  Discuss this with Lisette Hart.

There are minimal expenses outside of the tuition cost. Four textbooks are required and should cost you less than $100 total. Light, incidental expenses may occur, such as occasionally attending yoga classes at studios other than Yoga Branch.

Roots and Wings Teacher Training Program offers unique opportunities to learn deeply and experience a wide spectrum of Yoga practices and specialties, as well as practice teaching prior to graduation.

Roots & Wings Program Highlights




Basic foundations of yoga are studied in the Roots and Wings Program, including the history of yoga, anatomy, philosophy, sanskrit, safety, pranayama, meditation, chakras, business, and ethics.





Various styles of yoga influence Lisette’s teaching and are covered in the training, including Ashtanga basics, Vinyasa flow, and Anusara-inspired alignment.





You will learn specialties, such as gentle yoga, yoga for kids, pre-natal yoga, chair yoga, and restorative yoga.



Hands-On Participation


You will observe and assist in Lisette's public classes. Safe observation, adjustments, and assists are addressed and practiced in depth during the weekend sessions.



Teaching Opportunities


During the course, you will have many practice teaching opportunities with helpful feedback from other participants and Lisette. Towards the end of the training, you will hold a “final” class, which gives you the opportunity to put together much of what you have learned in the course. Lisette will attend and assess this class.



Asana Resource Manual


Participants in Roots and Wings Teacher Training program receive and utilize the 65-page Asana Resource Manual, created by Lisette specifically for the training.



Small Class Size


The Roots and Wings Teacher Training program allows for 8-15 participants each session. The small group size facilities individual attention and growth.

At the conclusion of the Roots and Wings Teacher Training Program, three results are possible: Incomplete, Complete without Recommendation to Yoga Alliance, Complete with Recommendation to Yoga Alliance.

The 2010/2011 Roots and Wings schedule is published below. All applicants are encouraged to mark these dates on your calendars immediately upon acceptance to the program. Attendance is mandatory to successfully complete the training.

Roots & Wings

2011/2012 Teacher Training Schedule

200 Hours of Training


Group Sessions

(120 hours)

9 group session weekends of approximately 12 hours

Saturdays 12:00 - 8:00 p.m

Sundays 12:30 - 4:30 p.m. (sometimes 11-4pm)


1. September 24/25

2. October 22/23

3. November 12/13

4. December 10/11


5. January 14/15

6. February 4/5

7. March 17/18

8. April 14/15

9. May 19/20

 *Subject to change until July 23rd. 
Serious candidates with concerns re these weekend dates contact Lisette immediately.



(45 hours)


Apprentice in Lisette's class approximately once per week for 30 weeks (see Lisette's schedule). We will start arranging these hours with the group at our first weekend session.  This is a great part of your commitment and is also scheduled flexibly. For example, you can be out-of-town for a week and make-up time another week.

With Lisette teaching 7 classes or more per week, there are plenty of opportunities to complete your apprenticing hours.  Often student teachers elect to take one of the back-to-back classes taught by Lisette and apprentice the other on Monday or Tuesday evenings.  Monday morning is the class taught by Lisette that offers childcare.  Note: schedule is subject to change.



Assignments / Reading

(35 hours)


Reading and homework assignments are completed at a comfortable pace throughout the course, according to set deadlines.



Weekend training sessions will be held at:

Yoga Branch

1241 East Vista Way

                                                                      Vista, CA 92084


To apply for the Roots and Wings 2011/2012 Teacher Training Program, download the short, 2 page application. Complete the application and write one page about yourself, explaining why you want to participate in the program. Send your completed application and one-page narrative via e-mail to Lisette or postal mail to Lisette Hart, Owner, Yoga Branch, 1241 E. Vista Way, Vista, CA 92084.

If you have questions about the Roots and Wings Yoga Teacher Training, send Lisette an e-mail at lisettehart@earthlink.net or call Lisette at 760-390-3640. Let her know that you are interested.

If you are accepted into the Training, the $400 deposit is due immediately.  Pay by cash or by credit card ( at Yoga Branch) or by check written to Lisette Hart.  Send or bring it to Yoga Branch, 1241 E. Vista Way., Vista, CA 92084