Endorsements for «Yoga Teacher Training with Asha:

Can't imagine a better person to guide one through the experience of becoming a yoga teacher! I'm glad you are at it again and trust it will be wonderful for all!

Tracy Roach, Former Director of Yoga Teacher Training, Kripalu Center for Yoga & Health; Lennox, Massachusetts

Life has been so amazing since I took your course in Mexico and I am writing to thank you so much for it, for your compassion, for allowing me to take Level 2 and pay you in installments, for your yoga classes and your listening and for creating a space where I could grow and heal and for providing the opportunity for me to meet wonderful lifelong friends.  

Paulina Kee, Victoria, British Columbia, Canada;
Graduate of Yoga Teacher Training 500-hour; Nirvana School of Yoga; Playa Del Carmen, Mexico 2007

Asha is an amazing teacher! If you are thinking of doing your yoga teacher training I highly recommend you take this course! I did and it had profound impacts on my life and health!!

Eden MacDonald, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada;
Graduate of 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training,Nirvana School of Yoga; Surrey, British Columbia, Canada 2007

Do it do it do it! I highly recommend a training with Asha, a sweet, loving and caring teacher! Through my trainings (both level I and II) with Asha Gayle Dieleman, I've transformed from a shy yogini to a grounded continuously evolving instructor! My transformation was made possible through a safe and loving support group, my ability to grow energized by professional teachers. I was inspired to accept myself, divine and human, to find trust within and to let the gift of loving-kindness blossom. Om Shanti ♥

Marie-Soleil Thellen, Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Graduate 500-hour Yoga Teacher Training,Nirvana School of Yoga; Surrey, BC 2007

"Asha was a true mentor to me; her gentle guiding and encouragement, her clear and concise teachings, and her understanding and open heart allowed me to find my own inner teacher. Her expertise and experience allowed for authentic learning, focused studies, and true self-exploration. Asha bestowed these teachings as a divine gift; she delivered this tradition and conveyed this wisdom from our ancient lineage with a pure heart".

Melanie Shank, Playa Del Carmen, Mexico, www.anandayoga.com.mx
200-hour Yoga Teacher Training 2004; Vancouver, BC. (Semperviva Yoga Studio). 500-hour Yoga Teacher Training 2007; Playa Del Carmen, Mexico`Yokhah Maya Training, April 2008; Playa Del Carmen, Mexico.

Yoga Teacher Training with Asha..."Exceeded all expectations and brought to light lessons and learning that I will carry in my heart to call forth on the path for years and years to come. A wonderful and life affirming experience."

Lael Sleep,  Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
200-hour Yoga Teacher Training 2003; 
Vancouver, BC. (Open Door Yoga Center).

This course will..."Deepen your connection to, and understanding of, your wealth of spirit.
Karen Heaps, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.
200-hour Yoga Teacher Training; 
(Open Door Yoga Studio) Vancouver, BC.2003

The world would be an amazing place of peace if everyone took this course. It was beautiful and inspiring.

Roselle Healy, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training, 2005; 
(Semperviva Yoga Studio), Vancouver, BC

This course takes you on a wonderful journey to self-acceptance and acceptance of the richness of the present moment.

Maita Bird, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
200-hour Yoga Teacher Training 2004; 
(Semperviva Yoga Studio) Vancouver, BC; maitabird@yahoo.com