at Cornell University-

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TBA next semester

 Past Activites


Environmental Justice Film and Speaker Series

Earth Day 5K

In addition to the above last Spring:

-We worked with the local Roots and Shoots Group on a Bake Sale to raise money to ship tents to Haiti


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As of the end of the 2011 year, Roots and Shoots will be joining efforts with another group on campus, SNRC.

Mission Statement:

 The purpose of Roots & Shoots is to foster an understanding and
appreciation of our natural environment, and to work towards positive
change. We raise awareness of environmental issues through educational
campaigns and encourage people to act to address these problems. We also
work to conserve the natural world by fundraising for organizations that
conserve the forests and maintain environmental integrity. Our goal is
to encourage an understanding of how people and nature can live
harmoniously. Roots & Shoots also maintains a strong focus on the
connection between the environment and our society, valuing education,
particularly experiential learning, as one of the most powerful tools to
make constructive change.