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1) Rewald, B. (2008) Impact of climate change-induced drought on tree root hydraulic properties and competition belowground. PhD thesis. University of Göttingen, Germany.    PDF

Rewald, B. in bold = First, senior and/or corresponding author.

Submitted / In preparation

Karkanis, A. et al. Revealing new germplasm and agronomy features of faba bean to improve the European cropping systems. Submitted. 

Salahuddin, Razaq M, Lixue Y, Rewald B, Li J & Khan F. Plasticity of architectural, morphological and physiological root traits under intra-vs. interspecific competition. Submitted.

Balliu, A., Babaj, I., Sallaku, G., Krasniqi, P., Kaciu, S., Göransson, H. & Rewald, B. The effects of grafting and endogenous mycorrhiza application on chemical composition and stand establishment rate of salt-stressed cucumber (Cucumis sativum L.) seedlings. Submitted.

Göransson, H., Mayer, M., Nilsson, L.O., Stark, S., Lehtinen, T. & Rewald, B. Effects of geometrid moth attacks on belowground processes in sub-artic birch forests

Rewald, B., McCormack, M.L., Rachmilevitch, S., et al. Dead or alive? – Methods and criteria indicating root vitality. 

Göransson, H., Rewald, B., et al. Root type determines root segment plasticity under changing environments. 

Pröll, G., Göransson, H., Rewald, B. & Katzensteiner, K. Substrate effects on biomass allocation and root morphological parameters of seedlings are species-specific. Internal revision.

Leuschner, C. & Rewald, B. Drought-induced changes in axial conductivity and vulnerability to embolism in roots of two broad-leaved tree species with contrasting drought-tolerance. Internal revision.

Rewald, B., Leuschner, C. & Hertel, D. Influence of drought stress on root biomass and turnover rate of Fagus sylvatica and Quercus petraea saplings and mature trees.