Root Cause a multi-cultural rock-pop band that got established somewhere in 2007, when Eri, Maarten and Arnoud (at that time playing in another band), decided to start a "side project". With not a clear direction in mind, they decided to write their own music.

Karo joined the band in 2008, and with her they recorded their first demo, only two weeks later.

There are no specifics of which label is to be attached to their music, but they describe it as a rock-pop mix.


  Made in Mexico, plays bass guitar. She's also good a guitar player, knows
  how to treat a piano and even plays decent drums.

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  Singer / song writer and face of the band ! Was founded in Finland and is our
  singer. She fits in a bass drum, but makes more noise than all our amps
  together ! She also plays piano.

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  Born and raised in Amsterdam, now lives in Hoofddorp for the past 10 years.  
  He has a rock/blues background and plays lead/ rythm guitar. His sound is a  
  mixture of blues, rock and soul with a funky flavor.  

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  Comes from The Hague (Den Haag), home town of the Duch rock music and plays
  drums. Besides drums he plays decent guitar and is an acitve songwriter

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