Welcome to 2016.  
There have been lots of changes for me this year.  Including a major change in setting.  I will now be based in a Preschool site.  I am an early childhood educator and feel very privileged to have been offered the opportunity to work with younger children once more.  I will be using this site to document my work in this context.  I will be continuing my study towards achieving ToD status and will be working as a temporary relief teacher (TRT) on my free days.  I am hoping to do the majority of this in Centres for hearing impairment (CHI's) and will be documenting the challenges and personal learning in this area!  I look forward to sharing my learning journey this year.


My name is Hannah King and I am an early childhood teacher and I am also training to be a teacher of the Deaf.
I have been teaching for four years and am passionate about children developing positive dispositions towards learning.  I have high expectations of all learners in room three and believe that when students have self belief they can excel!

The picture above is of me and my oldest daughter Freya.  Freya is my inspiration and the reason I have begun my journey to become a TOD.  Freya has conductive fluctuating hearing loss and this had a major impact on her literacy and self confidence in learning.  It wasn't until I meet another TOD through work that Freya's challenges were identified.  Since that point I have been able to work with her school and a number of specialist teachers and speech pathologists to support her.  Now she is thriving and most importantly has rediscovered her love of learning that seemed to get lost somewhere between preschool and year 1.  I am forever grateful to that teacher (she knows who she is) and want all children who need this specialist support to get exactly what they need to do their absolute best!

I am very excited to share our learning in room 3 with you this year!
I will be using this site to share learning from my perspective as a junior primary teacher of the Deaf!