Room Party Craft and Game Ideas

You've come to the right place!  Successful room parents have given us their best crafts and games for your parties!!!!  You can use any of these ideas FREE OF CHARGE!  In fact, you can send your successful craft and game ideas to to share with other parents.  They will become part of this website.  We are interested in crafts and games that are suitable for Fall, Winter, and Valentine's Day.  As we are linked with a public school, we will not publish crafts and games for Halloween, Christmas, or any religious holidays.

Some of these ideas have come from other websites and publications.  If we have neglected to give anyone credit, please let us know and we will give you credit!


Harvest Portrait
Love Bug Pet and Habitat
Fingerprint Fall Tree
Spiced Turkeys
Sun-Catching Snowflakes
Shake & Make Ice Cream
Fantastic Foil Ornaments or Valentines
Zipper Pull
Harvest Soup
Party Passport
Paper Snowflakes
Take Home Clay
Doughnuts Snowmen
Pin Rolled Valentines
Handprint Turkey
Thumbprint Tree
Fleece Scarf

Name Six
Penny Pitching
Hunt the Key
Musical Statues
Bottle Fishing
Human Bracelet Game
Par 20 Card Game
Stuff the Turkey
Ready or Knot
Foxes and Squirrel
Wink (or Blink) Game
Team Scavenger Hunt
Bob for Doughnuts
Ring Toss on Squash or Pumpkins
I like everyone except...
Hula Hoop
Fruit Basket
Balloon Partners
This Is My Nose
Indian Princess/Prince
Four Up
Heart Toss
Gum Relay
Magic Tricks
Sound Charades
Fishing For...
Tiddly Winks
Muffin Tin Toss
Skiing Relay
Snowballs over the Mountain
Whipped Cream bubblegum Game

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