Room C6--Trimester Two

Mr. Wright's Room at Morrill Middle School in San Jose       Nov. 29, 2010 through March 12, 2011                    

Friday, March 11, 2011

Again, tonight's homework is to summarize what you saw in the video and/or any discussion we may have had in class.

Also, please remember to complete your reading log.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Again, tonight's homework is to summarize what you saw in the video and/or any discussion we may have had in class.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Again, tonight's homework is to summarize what you saw in the video and/or any discussion we may have had in class.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Tonight's homework is to summarize what you saw in the video and/or any discussion we may have had in class.

Monday, March 7, 2011

Today in class we watched the beginning of the film, Romeo and Juliet, directed by Franco Zeffirelli. Your homework is to about half page describe what you say and you might add how it was different from what you expected. You may also write about discussions or "testimonies" we had in class today.

Friday, March 4, 2011

Today we talked more about the complexity of the characters in Shakespeare's plays and we finished up the plot of Romeo & Juliet right through to its bloody end.

Two items for weekend homework:

1. Write a half page summary of how the tragedy ends.
2. Complete your reading log.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

The homework for tonight is the same as last night. On a half sheet of paper, summarize the content of our lecture and discussion in class today.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Today we continued reading a prose version of Romeo and Juliet.

We reviewed or were introduced to the terms apprehensive, vicarious, melodrama, cardboard character, defenestrate, draconian and tautology. We also reviewed the meaning of "Wherefore art thou" and why Juliet didn't want Romeo to swear by the moon and what might have been going on in Friar Lawrence's head. We also talked about rhyming couplets.

Tonight's homework is the same as last night. Write a half-page summary of the material we covered in class today.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Today we had a lengthy homeroom for state testing so the rest of periods were shorter.

Today we reviewed the setting and the characters of Romeo and Juliet and read together more of the packet.

Your homework for tonight is to write a half page summary of the new information we covered about the plot of Romeo and Juliet.

Monday, February 28, 2011

Today in class we started to read Romeo and Juliet.

Tonight's homework is to write about a half page summarizing what we read.

Also, I announced draconian measures to combat the verbal virus of saying the words "shut up" in the classroom.

Here it is almost March and it is still a problem. This is unacceptable.

Those who can't break the habit on their own will be required to write lines. If the infraction is repeated, detention will be assigned.

It's important to talk nice and to be nice, especially in a place of learning.

The draconian approach is being used simply because other methods that I know of haven't worked.

I don't like this form of punishment but lowering standards of acceptable classroom behavior is out of the question. 

Friday, February 18, 2011

Today we read Super Dooper Jeezabel and watched some more Standard Deviants on grammar and the parts of speech.

The weekend homework is to complete one reading log.

Also, if you did not turn in the two literature assignments today, I will expect them on the day we return.

Those two assignments are:

"Literature p. 260; p. 267, #1, 3-6, 8-9"

(For p. 260, remember to do both the top and the bottom.)

"Literature p. 248, 1-5, 7, 9-12."

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Today you had a sub.

Due tomorrow are two literature assignments:

"Literature p. 260; p. 267, #1, 3-6, 8-9"

For p. 260, remember to do both the top and the bottom.

"Literature p. 248, 1-5, 7, 9-12."

(Shakespeare students will have until Monday after vacation to complete both assignments.)

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Today in class we discussed these three phrases:

"me and my sister"

"my sister and I"

"my sister and me"

Tonight's homework is "Literature p. 248, 1-5, 7, 9-12"

Unlike most assignment, this won't be turned in until Friday but you can start it tonight. Answers are expected to be thorough and thoughtful and in complete sentences. Do a good job. That's why you are getting two days.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Tonight's homework is the same as last night's except you are to write about a different book which you put on your top three list.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Your homework for tonight is to write a half page on one of the books you listed as being one of your favorites.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

I finally cashed in the cans and bottles we've been collecting. We're not quite at Goat Number Three yet, but we're getting close. See for the details.

Friday, February 11, 2011

Weekend homework:

1. Reading Log.
2. Video record your speech and email it to me as an attached file or practice your speech to give it live on Monday.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Your homework for tonight is to practice your speech.

If you are going to write a valentine, it will be due tomorrow.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011


Read literature page 236 three times.

Read literature p. 237-246.  Answer the seven embedded questions as you read on a sheet of paper titled "Bargain."

Practice your speech tonight. You'll give it tomorrow without notes. You will be graded on:
  • Posture

  • Composure

  • Eye contact

  • Projection 

  • Enunciation

  • Content

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Tonight's homework is to write a speech about yourself.

Speech Assignment

You will be evaluated for

  • Posture

  • Composure

  • Eye contact

  • Projection 

  • Enunciation

  • Content

Required elements of your speech: 

  1. Say what your name is, first and last.

  2. Say what grade you are in.

  3. Tell where you were born. (You may expand on this if you like.)

  4. Tell us what your favorite subject in school is and why and/or say what subject you like least and say why.

  5. Tell where your favorite place to go on vacation is and why, or say where you would like to go but have never been before and why you would like to go there.

  6. Tell what you're thinking of doing for a living when you grow up and why.

  7. Describe what you like to do in your free time.

Optional elements that may improve your speech:

  1. Say where you have lived before and express an opinion about it if you like.

  2. What is one interesting fact about your life that few people know about?

  3. Who are your friends and what do you like about them?

  4. If somebody asked your friends why they like you, what would they say?

  5. What is the best book you've ever read and briefly say what it is about.

  6. What is your opinion about Barack Obama? About Sarah Palin?

  7. If you could change any rules we have at Morrill, what would they be and why?

(You may not say your speech with notes but neither should you memorize your speech word for word. When a speech is read or memorized word for word, it's hard to listen to because it often doesn't sound natural.)

Practice your speech. The more you practice, the better it will turn out.

Being able to give a good speech in a clear, relaxed manner is an important life skill--but it takes practice!

Monday, February 7, 2011

Tonight's homework is:

"Literature p. 256, #1-7, 10"

Friday, February 4, 2011

Your weekend homework is complete your reading log.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Today in class we read other students' compositions and filled out peer evaluation sheets. Hold onto those sheets. We'll continue with them tomorrow.

Tonight's homework is:

 "Literature p. 231, bottom right; p. 235, top and bottom."

Try the Feet and Meter Extra Credit Quiz!
Iamb Extra Credit Quiz

Wednesday, February 2, 2011


On the half-sheet of paper you got today, underline the simple subject once and circle the simple predicate. If the half-sheet has more than 10 sentences, just do the first 10.

On the back, write five iambs and five trochees.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011


On the half-sheet of paper you got today, underline the simple subject once and circle the simple predicate. If the half-sheet has more than 10 sentences, just do the first 10.

On the back, write three iambs and three trochees.

Monday, January 31, 2011

Today is the first meeting of Midnight Shakespeare . If you're interested, don't forget. It starts at 3 PM after school TODAY.

Tonight's homework is to write a haiku poem on a half sheet of paper.

Poems written with a perfect 5, 7, 5 syllable count will get at least a B. 

Those that have a reference to nature will get an A. 

Those that have a syllable count that's not 5, 7, 5 will get an F.

Here is an example of a haiku.

    Old tomcat sitting (5 syllables)

    Watching autumn leaves blow by (7 syllables)

    Wishing they were mice (5 syllables)

Friday, January 28, 2011

Today in class we watched a Standard Deviants video about Shakespeare which talked about about iambs and iambic pentameter.

You have two items for homework this weekend.

1. Reading log.

2. "Iambs" Once again, on a a half sheet of paper, number it 1-5 and write 5 words that are iambs. After that, write a sentence about yourself which happens to be a line of iambic pentameter.

Feel free to email me if you are unsure about an iamb or your sentence and I'll tell you if it's right.

Remember, a line of iambic pentameter should have this beat:


Thursday, January 27, 2011

Tonight's homework is:

1. "Literature p. 209, #1-4; p. 230, #1-8"

2. "Iambs"

(Write 5 words or names that are iambs and one line of iambic pentameter.)

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Tonight's homework is

"Literature p. 212, 213, 215, 216"

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Tonight's homework is 

"Literature p. 208, #1-6"

Monday, January, 24, 2011

Today we talked more about iambs and about iambic pentameter. 

We took another look at the poems we recently read.

Tonight's homework is "Literature p. 201 and 202."

Friday, January 21, 2011

Your weekend homework is:

"Literature p. 196, #6-9; p. 197"

For p. 197, do both the top and the bottom.

Also for homework, complete your reading log.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Tonight's homework is to read the story that begins on page 187.

Then do "Literature p. 189, 191, 193, and page 196, #1-5"

Be sure to answer the questions on pages 189, 191 and 193 while you are reading, and the questions on page 196 after you finish the story.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Today, a couple of the classes took a better look at the Poe poem.

Tonight's homework is:

"Literature p. 183, both top and bottom."

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Tonight's homework:

Read p. 174-177 of the literature book.

Do "Literature p. 178, #1-9"

The second draft of the composition was due today. Those who didn't turn it in will have to stay after school every day until it's done.

Monday, January 17, 2011

Martin Luther King Day. No school.

The lessons to be learned from Dr. King are many.

He had courage, a commitment to nonviolence, and the belief that it was honorable to go to jail for the purpose of justice.

Friday, January 14, 2011

Your homework for the weekend is your reading log and the first and second drafts of your compositions. Also, I want to see your partially completed Peer Evaluation Sheet.

For extra credit, you may email me your second draft (in addition to, not instead of, printing out and submitting your own copy.) Your first and last name must be in the subject line of the email. 

In your second draft, do not indent. Skip one line between paragraphs. It should be three or more paragraphs.

No papers will be accepted that have the phrases "watch your back," "there for me," or "in conclusion." Also, no papers will be accepted that spell "a lot" as one word.

Since these will be posted, you might want to submit new photographs and/or other graphics.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Your homework is to write a first draft of your composition titled "What is Love?" or "What is Friendship?"

It should be three paragraphs or more.

Compositions will be posted in the hallway near the office.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011


1.  Critique the play(s) you saw in class today.
2. "Literature p. 173"

Tuesday, January, 11, 2011

Your homework for tonight is to write at least a half page (on a full sheet of paper) describing the play or plays you saw in class today. Say what was good and what you thought could have been better.

Monday, January, 10, 2011


1. "Literature p. 168, #2-8; p. 169"

2. Prepare for your play.

Friday, January 7, 2011

Today we talked a little bit about stressed and unstressed syllables and what an iamb is.

What's the difference between Brandon and Trayvon? One is an iamb and one isn't.

Your weekend homework is to complete your reading log and to prepare for your The Highwayman play.

Play performances will be on Tuesday of next week.

Props, costumes, and written scripts are encouraged.


A Redcoat

    Optional Parts:

Inn Keeper
Additional Redcoats
Inn Customers
Stagecoach Passengers

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Your homework is to answer the "Twelve Questions."

Please reread the poem first. It starts on p. 161.

All answers must be with complete sentences and some answers should be longer than others.

Some may require imagination and/or inference.

1. Describe the love that Tim had for Bess.

2. Describe the love that Bess had for the Highwayman.

3. Describe the love that Bess's father had for her.

4. Describe the love that the Highwayman had for Bess.

5. Describe the love that the Redcoats had for Bess.

6. Describe the love that Bess had for Tim.

7. Describe the love that the horses had for Tim.

8. Describe the love that the Redcoats has for Tim.

9. Describe the love that the landlord had for the Redcoats.

10. Describe the love that the stagecoach passengers had for the  Highwayman.

11. Describe the love that poor people had for the Highwayman.

12. Describe what Bess, Tim and the Highwayman looked like.


Extra Credit Question: 

13. Describe the love that Broomella has for Fifi.

........................................................ ............... ..................


Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Tonight's homework is to read The Highway, p. 161 in the literature book. Then, on a full sheet of paper, write about a half page and express your opinion about Bess's actions.

The homework that was due today,  
"Literature p. 151, # 1-5; p. 152, #1-10", will be collected tomorrow along with your composition and your peer evaluation half-sheet.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Tonight's homework is

"Literature p. 151, # 1-5; p. 152, #1-10"

Monday, January 3, 2011

Your homework tonight is to finish the three paragraph composition you started in class today.

On the back, say if the account is fiction, nonfiction, or a combination.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Happy New Year!

There have been some questions about the homework due tomorrow. First of all, I expect only one reading log. If you did more than one, I'll count that as extra credit but only one is due.

Second, some of our spelling bee winners have bowed out of the schoolwide competition. If so, please remind me who you are so we can find replacements. Each class needs to have two contestants.

What else? Oh, tomorrow we have a new governor of California who is exactly 12 years older than me. That's kind of reassuring. 

Here are some from free answers for the Christmas Carol questions:

For# 22, the answer has to do with the fact that he was walking briskly.

For #23, Dickens, by comparison, wanted to show that Fred had a warm heart by mentioning he had a warm body--caused by his fast walking.

Now, for the fill-in sheets, it looks like I pulled some sentences from Stave Two by mistake. So, here are the answers:

Number 31 is "transparent, opaque and melancholy."

Number 32 is "supplication."

Don't worry about answering all of the questions correctly. Just do the best you can without spending too much time on it and I'm sure you'll do fine. The grading scale won't be tough.

When you come back, you'll see that the school hallway has been cleared of your student work and your beautiful photographs. It will be time to think about what our next writing for display assignment will be.

Goats for Peace. Even though I had two weeks off, I haven't yet made it to the recycling center. It seems like with the holidays, there's always a lot of work to do and clean-up to do afterward. So, once school starts up again, I'll have to make it over there. It would be nice to have enough to get Goat Number Three.

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Spelling Bee people:

Log into

Username is

Password is morrill

Friday, December 17, 2010

Tonight's homework is to read Stave One of A Christmas Carol and to answer the questions with complete sentences. Also, on a separate sheet of paper, write the words that go in the blanks from the two sheets I gave you. 

Please send me an email if you have any difficulty.

Student who did not turn in the Floyd Dell questions yesterday must complete those questions after break. The story and the questions appear below.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Today in class we watched the first half of A Christmas Carol with Reginal Owen, Gene Lockhart and Kathleen Lockhart.

Your homework for tonight is to read the story called My Sixth Christmas by Floyd Dell and to answer the list of 22 questions.

Be sure you got the full, three page packet of the story. It should end with the word "anything."

If you didn't get the full packet, you can read the story here

And if you forgot to pick up a list of the questions, here they are:

My Sixth Christmas    By Floyd Dell   


Answer each question with complete sentences.

What year did this story take place?

Why did the father read a lot?

Why did Floyd stop going to Sunday school?

After Floyd stopped going to Sunday school, how could he tell it was Sunday?

Why did the father seem delighted when they had potato soup for dinner?

Why didn't Floyd live with his brother?

Why was Floyd able to be around his father a lot?

Why didn't the mother want Floyd to write his name on the envelope?

How did Floyd find out what was in the envelope?

Why didn't Floyd return to school in the fall, according to his mother?

What is the real reason that Floyd didn't return to school?

How many children were in the family? One? Two? Three? Four or more?

What are two things the father joked about in this story?

What did Floyd's body know before his mind did?

How could his body know something before his mind did?

What did Floyd whisper in the dark? 

Why did he whisper it more than once?

Why was Floyd's emotion cold rather than hot?

What does Floyd compare to a tooth?

On what day of the week was December 23?

What did Floyd want for Christmas on December 23?

What did Floyd want for Christmas on December 25?

If you are having problems with the link to the story, here it is:

My Sixth Christmas

By Floyd Dell

That fall, before it was discovered that the soles of both my shoes were worn clear through, I still went to Sunday school. And one time the Sunday-school superintendent made a speech to all the classes. He said that these were hard times, and that many poor children weren't getting enough to eat. It was the first time that I had heard about it. He asked everybody to bring some food for the poor children next Sunday. I felt very sorry for the poor children.

Also, little envelopes were distributed to all the classes. Each little boy and girl was to bring money for the poor, next Sunday. The pretty Sunday-school teacher explained that we were to write our names, or have our parents write them, up in the left-hand corner of the little envelopes. ... I told my mother all about it when I came home. And my mother gave me, the next Sunday, a small bag of potatoes to carry to Sunday school. I supposed the poor children's mothers would make potato soup out of them. ... Potato soup was good. My father, who was quite a joker, would always say, as if he were surprised, "Ah! I see we have some nourishing potato soup today!" It was so good that we had it every day. My father was at home all day long and every day, now; and I liked that. I had my parents all to myself, too; the others were away. My oldest brother was in Quincy, and memory does not reveal where the others were: perhaps with relatives in the country.

Taking my small bag of potatoes to Sunday school, I looked around for the poor children; I was disappointed not to see them. I had heard about poor children in stories. But I was told just to put my contribution with the others on the big table in the side room.

I had brought with me the little yellow envelope, with some money in it for the poor children. My mother had put the money in it and sealed it up. She wouldn't tell me how much money she had put in it, but it felt like several dimes. Only she wouldn't let me write my name on the envelope. I had learned to write my name, and I was proud of being able to do it. But my mother said firmly, no, I must not write my name on the envelope; she didn't tell me why. On the way to Sunday school I had pressed the envelope against the coins until I could tell what they were; they weren't dimes but pennies.

When I handed in my envelope, my Sunday school teacher noticed that my name wasn't on it, and she gave me a pencil; I could write my own name, she said. So I did. But I was confused because my mother had said not to; and when I came home, I confessed what I had done. She looked distressed. "I told you not to!" she said. But she didn't explain why. ...

I didn't go back to school that fall. My mother said it was because I was sick. I did have a cold the week that school opened; I had been playing in the gutters and had got my feet wet, because there were holes in my shoes. My father cut insoles out of cardboard, and I wore those in my shoes. As long as I had to stay in the house anyway, they were all right.

I stayed cooped up in the house, without any companionship. We didn't take a Sunday paper any more, and though I did not read small print, I could see the Santa Clauses and holly wreaths in the advertisements.

There was a calendar in the kitchen. The red days were Sundays and holidays; and that red was Christmas. I knew just when Christmas was going to be.

But there was something queer! My father and mother didn't say a word about Christmas. And once when I spoke of it, there was a strange, embarrassed silence; so I didn't say anything more about it. But I wondered, and was troubled. Why didn't they say anything about it? Was what I had said I wanted too expensive?

I wasn't arrogant and talkative now. I was silent and frightened. What was the matter? Why didn't my father and mother say anything about Christmas? As the day approached, my chest grew tighter with anxiety.

Now it was the day before Christmas. I couldn't be mistaken. But not a word about it from my father and mother. I waited in painful bewilderment all day. I had supper with them, and was allowed to sit up for an hour. I was waiting for them to say something. "It's time for you to go to bed," my mother said gently. I had to say something.

"This is Christmas Eve, isn't it?" I asked, as if I didn't know.

My father and mother looked at one another. Then my mother looked away. Her face was pale and stony. My father cleared his throat, and his face took on a joking look. He pretended he hadn't known it was Christmas Eve, because he hadn't been reading the papers. He said he would go downtown and find out.

My mother got up and walked out of the room. I didn't want my father to have to keep on being funny about it, so I got up and went to bed. I went by myself without having a light. I undressed in the dark and crawled into bed.

I was numb. As if I had been hit by something. It was hard to breathe. I ached all through. I was stunned — with finding out the truth.

My body knew before my mind quite did. In a minute, when I could think, my mind

would know. And as the pain in my body ebbed, the pain in my mind began. I knew. I couldn't put it into words yet. But I knew why I had taken only a little bag of potatoes to Sunday school that fall. I knew why there had been only pennies in my little yellow envelope. I knew why I hadn't gone to school that fall — why I hadn't any new shoes — why we had been living on potato soup all winter. All these things, and others, many others fitted themselves together in my mind, and meant something.

Then the words came into my mind and I whispered them into the darkness.

"We're poor!"

That was it. I was one of those poor children I had been sorry for, when I heard about them in Sunday school. My mother hadn't told me. My father was out of work, and we hadn't any money. That was why there wasn't going to be any Christmas at our house.

"We're poor." There in bed in the dark, I whispered it over and over to myself. I was making myself get used to it.

It wasn't so bad, now that I knew, I just hadn't known! I had thought all sorts of foolish things: that I was going to Ann Arbor — going to be a lawyer — going to make speeches in the Square, going to be President. Now I know better.

I had wanted (something) for Christmas, I didn't want it, now. I didn't want anything.

I lay there in the dark, feeling the cold emotion of renunciation. (The tendrils of desire unfold their clasp on the outer world of objects, withdraw, shrivel up. Wishes shrivel up, turn black, die. It is like that.)

It hurt. But nothing would ever hurt again. I would never let myself want anything again.

I lay there stretched out straight and stiff in the dark, my fists clenched hard upon Nothing...

In the morning it had been like a nightmare that is not clearly remembered — that one wishes to forget. Though I hadn't hung up any stocking there was one hanging at the foot of my bed. A bag of popcorn, and a lead pencil, for me. They had done the best they could, now they realized that I knew about Christmas. But they needn't have thought they had to. I didn't want anything.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Today we had our in-class spelling bee and we watched a short Honeymooners episode having to do with Christmas and gift exchange.

Everybody got a copy of The Gift of The Magi and a green sheet of question.

Tonight's homework is this:

1. Read The Gift of the Magi. Put your name, date and period on the packet.

2. Circle between 25 and 32 of the vocabulary words from the pink sheet that you find in the story packet.

3. Answer the questions from the green sheet. Be sure to read the directions with care.

4. For extra credit, write a paper that compares and contrasts the Honeymooners video with the story The Gift of the Magi.

5. Hold onto the homework you were going to turn in today. It will be collected tomorrow.

The Gift of the Magi Green Sheet Questions:

Questions 9 through 17 need to be with complete sentences.

Some answers will need to be longer than others.

This is to be done on a separate sheet of paper.

What was the relationship between Jim and Della? 

What color were Della's fingers?

What color was her hair?

What color was the carpet?

What color was the watch?

What color was the watch chain?

What color was Madame Sofronie?

What wet the carpet?

What was Della doing when she got the idea of selling her hair?

How long was Della's hair? 

Why was Della looking at a cat walking on a fence? 

When is there another reference to a cat?

What does the author tell us about the couch? The door bell? The rug?  Jim's overcoat? Jim's gloves? And why does he tell us these things?

Describe what a setter is like the moment it detects the scent of a quail.

Why are we asked to regard with discreet scrutiny some inconsequential object in the other direction?

Della will be able to use the combs  someday when her hair grows back, but will Jim ever be able to use his present? Give your opinion and explain it.

Were Jim and Della wise or dumb? Give your opinion and explain.

Extra Credit:

List examples where O. Henry mentions things in threes.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Today in class we took a spelling test.

Tonight's homework is  to title a sheet, " Spelling Practice," and write five times each word you missed.

Also, complete the pink sheet vocabulary test of 32 words from The Gift of the Magi.

Bring to class tomorrow the spelling test you took today.

Study tonight for tomorrow's spelling bee which will inlcude the 32 words from the pink sheet and the 250 words from the two green sheets.

Monday, December 13, 2010

Today in class I spent most of the time listening to how the substitute was almost, but not quite, as mean as I am. We also read our A. R. books for an extended period of time

Tonight for homework, I want you to double check your three literature assignments and to make-up any work you might be missing.

Bored and want to do more? Here are 250 spelling and vocabulary words to study.

Friday, December 10, 2010

Due on Monday:

"Orange Grammar p. 47, #1-15; p. 49, #1-12; p. 50, #3--40"


"Orange Grammar p. 51, #1-18"

"Orange Grammar p. 52, "19-28; p. 53, #1-14" 

"Orange Grammar p. 54, #15-35; p. 55 #1-16; p. 56, #1-14.   

"Orange Grammar p. 57-58, #1-30; p. 59, # 1-14;  p. 60, 1-20" 

"Orange Grammar p. 63, 64, 69"

"Literature p. 145 and 148." Each page has two sections that students are to complete.

"Literature p. 144, # 1-9."

"Literature p. 139, reading check and practice test."

A ten minute writing on the topic of your choice on a half sheet of paper.

Two reading logs. One for this week and one for last week.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

I'm still out sick. And I'll be out sick tomorrow, too.

All homework and classwork will be collected on Monday when I return.

For homework tonight, do "Literature p. 145 and 148." Each page has two sections that students are to complete.

You should have with you and completed, these six assignments from the orange grammar book:

"Orange Grammar p. 47, #1-15; p. 49, #1-12; p. 50, #3--40"


"Orange Grammar p. 51, #1-18"

"Orange Grammar p. 52, "19-28; p. 53, #1-14" 

"Orange Grammar p. 54, #15-35; p. 55 #1-16; p. 56, #1-14.   

"Orange Grammar p. 57-58, #1-30; p. 59, # 1-14;  p. 60, 1-20" 

"Orange Grammar p. 63, 64, 69"

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

 I was out sick and you had a sub.

Classwork you should carry with you:

"Orange Grammar p. 47, #1-15; p. 49, #1-12; p. 50, #3--40"


"Orange Grammar p. 51, #1-18"

"Orange Grammar p. 52, "19-28; p. 53, #1-14" 

"Orange Grammar p. 54, #15-35; p. 55 #1-16; p. 56, #1-14.   

"Orange Grammar p. 57-58, #1-30; p. 59, # 1-14;  p. 60, 1-20" 

Homework, students are to read p. 140-143 and then do "Literature p. 144, # 1-9."

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Today I was out sick and you had a sub.

Homework: "Literature p. 139, reading check and practice test."

Monday, December, 6, 2010

Today I was out sick and you had a sub.

Homework: Do a ten minute writing on the topic of your choice on a half sheet of paper.

Friday, December 3, 2010

Today in class we worked out of the orange grammar workbook

"Orange Grammar p. 47, #1-15; p. 49, #1-12; p. 50, #3--40"
"Orange Grammar p. 51, #1-18"

Homework for the weekend:

1. Proofreading half sheet.
2. Reading log.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Your homework for tonight is to read your A.R. book for at least 15 minutes. (An hour would be a lot better.) Have your reading documented in your reading log (have it signed) and show it to me tomorrow. 

Also, if you haven't turned in your 2nd draft yet, be sure to complete it.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Today in class we reviewed what it means to have a clear beginning, middle and an end.

We talked about how introductions are often generalities and that conclusions are often very similar to the introductions.

Tonight's homework is to complete the second draft of your composition.

Your name should only appear in the byline. (No colons, please.)

It should be typed or written neatly in pen on unlined paper.

Be sure not to repeat any errors you may have made in your first draft.

I would also like to see tomorrow your first draft and your peer evaluation sheet.

Tuesday, November 30, 2010


1. Have your composition proofread and signed by a parent.
2. Bring with you your Peer Evaluation half-sheet.

Monday, November 29, 2010

Tonight's homework is the first draft of your winter composition. It should be three or more paragraphs. OK?

Photographs: If you don't like the photograph I posted of you, give me another one and I'll put it up instead. (But you may have to remind me repeatedly until I get it done.)

Old ornaments and cards: If you have tree ornaments that you are going to throw away, bring them in for class and maybe we'll be able to use it for our new display. Same with old Christmas and other holiday cards that have no sentimental value. If you're planning on the throwing them away, bring them in to class. We might be able to use them.

Extra credit quizzes can be found below. Send me an email if you are having any difficulties. Also, let me know what your browser is. My programming might need to be tweaked.

Remember the structure of a good composition:

  • * Say what you're going to say.

  • * Say it.

  • * Say what you said.

Here's some information on your winter composition (which might be posted.) You must use one of the 26 titles.

Pick one of the following titles for your winter composition.

Your composition should have a clear introduction, middle and end.

Don't start with the the words, "My topic is..." or "I'm going to talk about...." Don't use the word "conclusion" in your conclusion.  Your first paragraph should be introductory. Your last paragraph should be the conclusion. Have it at least one paragraph in the body.

Don't indent paragraphs. Skip a line between them.

Your first draft should have your name, date and period in the upper right hand corner. Your second draft should have nothing in the upper right hand corner. Your first and last name in you second draft should only be in your byline. Remember, no colons after the byline and be sure to capitalize the "B" in byline.

Extra credit is given if you email me your second draft in addition to submitting a paper copy.

Photographs and other graphics are encouraged because your work will be posted. Remember, you probably won't get photographs back so don't submit any originals.

  1. Gifts

  2. The Best Gift a Person Can Give

  3. On Giving

  4. The Best Gift I Ever Gave

  5. The Best Gift I Ever Received

  6. Charity

  7. The Christmas I'll Always Remember

  8. Mercy and Benevolence

  9. Helping Others

  10. Family

  11. A Time for Giving

  12. We Don't  Own Anything Unless We Share It

  13. What Scrooge Learned

  14. Commercialism This Time of Year

  15. What Makes People Happy

  16. If I Had Been Rudolph

  17. Winter Celebrations Around the World

  18. How I Celebrate This Time of Year

  19. My Plans for Winter Break

  20. My Plans for Hanukkah

  21. My Plans for Eid Al Adha, the Festival of the Sacrifice

  22. My Plans for Kwanzaa

  23. My Plans for Chinese New Year

  24. My Plans for New Year's Eve

  25. My Plans for Three Kings Day

  26. My Plans for Winter Solstice

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Remember that tomorrow your reading log is due. OK?

Be alert! (The world needs more lerts.) The annual Morrill Spelling Bee is about to begin. Get your word list soon! OK?

GoatsForPeace would love your plastic bottles and cans you accumulated during the break. Bring them in before homeroom, sorted or not, and we'll be a step closer to getting 
Goat Number 3.

An interesting lecture from a writer on writing fiction. She's from Turkey.

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Santa is your friend, yes, but if you don't know him personally, think twice about taking any candy from him. Here's a nice, double-edged message from him. Be good. Or else. 

It could mean extra credit.

Friday, November 26, 2010

A joyful holiday message from your beloved teacher in the happy spirit of goodwill, merry benevolence and good cheer:

Take the Happy Thanksgiving  subject and predicate quiz!

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Take the drama test! (You might pass even if you've never had drama.)

Friday, November 19, 2010

Your homework is to complete your reading log for the week of November 15 through November 21.

Cans and bottles that are recycled in the classroom go to "Goats For Peace" which donates goats through

click on a mask for drama class news:

Extra Credit Land!

Try the Feet and Meter Extra Credit Quiz!
Just Click Here!

Iamb Extra Credit Quiz
(Of course, of course, you're going to pass this test.)

Try the Extra Credit Quizzes on Lay and Lie. Just click 
Lay or lie? Do you lay down? Or do you lie down? Pass this test and you'll know, and you'll get extra credit!

Try the Extra Credit Quizzes on Subjects and Predicates. Every sentence has a subject and a predicate so it's a good idea to know all about them.

Concentration camp photographs. These show how far racism and fascism can go if nobody stands up to it. As Martin Luther King said, quoting Edmund Burke,   All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.

You can send email to me at Wright followed by the "at" symbol, which we all know is @, followed by RoomC6, which is our room, followed by dot com, and by dot we mean a period, which of course you know, but a bot might not.

Reading Log instructions

Reading Log as a pdf you can print out and use.

Bookmarker Sample and instructions.
(Index cards are kept by the TV.)

The Children's Story by James Clavell

Is this your refrigerator?

Sidewalk Subject and Predicate:

My stalker at the grocery store: